Tyrants of Yitar, Pizza Wars, Heathen Thorn Enterprises?
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Hi,  I have some items that were found and am wondering if there is any value at all to these.  They are actually pretty cheesy games (no pun intended, seeing one of them is Pizza Wars).  I believe these were original copies from back in 1988 from Heathen Thorn Enterprises.  In the same packet there was Pizza Wars, Tyrants of Yitar, a pamphlet from Heathen Thorn Enterprises (with info about Sergeant Horde, and then a Xathusa).  The photos can be found here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/77252363@N02/    With regards to the pictures, some sections appear blurry but aren't actually blurry, it's due to my picture-taking skills.   Any info at all would be greatly appreciated.  Was going to post on e-bay, but not sure anyone would even know what these were, and I don't really want to bother if there's no value at all, or very little value.  Thanks in advance for any info..

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