FGG April 1 Update
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Post Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 11:38 am 

April 1, 2012
Happy Anniversary FGG! Its been 2 years and 71 books since we started this, and we from FGG want to thank all of you for the support. Not even an April Fools joke to be had:)

Layout for Tsar is done! Final proofing is being performed, and the books will head off to the printer this week. Now we can refocus on a few small books while we make the push forward on Rappan Athuk! I expect Tsar hardcovers will ship in Mid-May, and thanks to Chuck's skills, we got it to slightly less than 1000 pages...this means 2 WILL fit in one box, saving our overseas customers about $70 in shipping. Shipping invoices will arrive to all soon. We will ship based on the "shipping invoice paid" list, so please make sure you get this done by May 15 or so. All books are going to be shipped priority and wrapped in about a pounds of bubble wrap to ensure safe delivery.  

At about 1 PM today, the Slumbering Tsar signed, numbered versions will go off sale. We will have limited quantities of non-signed/numbered copies available still at Paizo and possibly a few leftovers from the overprint here. I do NOT expect we will ever reprint this book, the print costs are prohibitive. Everyone give a shout out to Chuck (who can go to sleep now, for a  little while at least), who did a fantastic job making this book a true piece of RPG history.


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Post Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 4:14 pm 

Cant wait! I've purchased all the copies as they have become available, so just waiting for this hefty tome to plop into my hands! Anyone else in the UK got theirs coming, I hope we can share shipping costs if thats possible.


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