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I'm working through Pathfinder's Kingmaker AP (I'm, uh, a few whole paths behind at the moment due to an unforeseen rampage through some backlog of FGG and Hackmaster I had laying around), and within #33, when discussing some random beastie (the 'Clawbat', for those scoring at home), Ed Greenwood mentions that Roger Zelazny (noted author (!)) created the Strige which then morphed into the Stirge, annoying fantasy gaming staple*.  

That strikes me as a very cool, fun random fact.

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PS - I get paid based on how many parentheses I can use per post.  It's a tough metric but it pays the bills (mostly)

* Annoying quotient: 4 of 5; Gargoyle = 5 of 5, in my rating scale.

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