Book of Black & White Spells? (x-post from DF)
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Post Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 10:21 am 

A "help identify this item" thread was resurrected on dragonsfoot, and I thought the question was sort of interesting, so I thought I'd drag it over here to see if it rings a bell for anyone.

Initial post:

OK. I forgot this book's name, but I think it was a first edition book, (if its second, I Am sorry). It was a book of magic or spells... it was called something like the book of black and white magical spells?

one side was white with "good" spells, and then your flipped it to the backcover, turned it upside down, and it was black with "Evil" spells... kind of like two books in one, and depending on how you looked at it, was the book you were looking at. hopefully this description works.... help me out?

Thread link: ... =1&t=38966

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