Pacesetter Out-Of-Stock and Noble Knight Games
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Post Posted: Sat Feb 11, 2012 9:51 pm 

From:         Pacesetter Games & Simulations
Re:         Out of stock products
Date:         February 11, 2012

With the release of my newest product, several people have asked if and when some of the out-of-stock products will be available. At this time, the only out-of-stock item on the site is B1 Legacy of the Unknown. The first print of B1 sold out and the second printing is at the printer. I have been given a delivery date of about 10 days. When the second print arrives from the printer, I will send out a notification and adjust the website.

Unfortunately, TM2 Storm over Skyreach has also sold out. Because it is a limited edition tournament module, it will not be reprinted as it was released. However, TM1 The Lost Caravan and TM2 Storm over Skyreach will be revised and exclusively sold at conventions. They will also be available during specific convention dates at This year, both modules will be available at the North Texas RPG Convention and at Gen Con!

Lastly, only a few copies of the first printing of I1 Grave of the Green Flame are available at In fact, I think there are exactly three copies left. The second print, revised, has already gone to the printer. So if you want that first print copy (only 100 were printed), get it now before it also becomes out-of-stock.

At this time, Noble Knight Games has a very limited number of copies of the first printing of B1 Legacy of the Unknown and TM2 Storm over Skyreach. I have included links to Noble Knight below. Noble Knight is the exclusive retail outlet for Pacesetter modules.

Direct links to Noble Knight Games  - B1 Link  -  TM2 Link


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And I could've bought these damn modules off the 1$ rack!!!

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