Con modules from the Special Guests
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Post Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 10:52 pm 

Our original goal for printing the digest modules created by the Special Guests was two fold, one to provide some funds for the Con and two to show the module how it was originally presented since we expect the Special Guest to eventually have the module published in the future in a more polished format with possibly additional pages, art etc.

Well, we expect Tim Kask to do this at some point with his workings with Frank and Jim...

and for those that don't know, Dennis Sustare had Matt Finch/Bill Webb publish his 2010 module via Frog God games (I think you can still buy it at Paizo) and his 2011 module from the Con is in the publishing process as well.

The problem is... Steve Winter's modules aren't out there yet. So I called Steve today to see what's up... he thought he was giving us an "exclusive" thing just for the Con.. so I let him know that was never our intent, we love being the first to print a limited digest copy, but would like to see the final product out there for the fans... so since he is between jobs as it were, he is going to look into some Print on Demand... so I hope to see Steve's stuff out there for public consumption in the near future...

I am sure we can get this done for Erol Otus' module as well ...

And I am working with Peter Kerestan to see if there is a way we can get his stuff out there for PoD.

The Con nor myself will profit from any of these products, these will all go to the respective authors as it should.

Just wanted to update on what's going on out there.

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