[BlackStar Studios] Last chance for Collectors!
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Imagine a fantasy gaming world as rigorously realistic as ours, replete with dark, gritty, manipulative personalities and cultures. Now add to that an enormous ancient world and "magic" that is more based on a hard sci-fi mashup than fantasy hand-waving.

Players interface with ancient technologies, navigate byzantine layers of intrigue and may just survive long enough to achieve the power of the Old Gods themselves.

It all starts with TWO books, a map folio, a world map and with as little as $10 you will be welcome to The Shadowlands!  Special tiers for collectors - signed numbered editions, personalized art, and more!

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sha ... gn-setting

This is the last week to get the special Kickstarter editions and become part of BlackStar Studios and the birth of the newest Pathfinder/3.5 game setting!

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