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"Dice Age" is a game of unbalanced, figurative, toyish, good to look at and to touch dice. It's a game of strategy and risk-taking with wacky rules between "Uno" and "Magic the Gathering" - except it's played with dice! Crazy dice... In a good way.

From Proxy to Alpha edition: The dice shown here are the draft proxy version. I made them myself in my garage. The Alpha edition you are pledging for are the same in shape and color, but professionally produced and sculpted. Some details will be enhanced in the Alpha version for some sides to be more clear, and the sizes will be uniformed.

-=-=-= ... ?ref=video
Technoir is high-tech, hard-boiled roleplaying.

No matter what city you go to, you can't get away from it: the future looks bleak. Technology is cheap. The environment's screwed. Society's falling down. The people around you get more desperate every day. Seems like everyone you know—everyone one you trust, everyone you love—is involved in some criminal scheme. Are you going to go along with them? Do you have a plan of your own? Or are you going to struggle against the lure of crime? The truth is, you're just as deep in the muck. Megacorporations, religious cults, and crime bosses breathe down your neck. And you're up to that neck in debt for the new cybernetic eyes you had spliced into your skull.


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