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I'm Fortunate to have two copies of The Dungeoneer #2 and #3. The two I just won from the Tadashi Ehara collection, and the other #2 and #3 were purchased in a lot a while back with issues 1-7 all addressed to a Bill Mauzey. What amazed me most were the postmarks. Both #2's for example were mailed on October 5, 1976 same stamps (two Ben Franklin 7cent) postmarked Spring Arbor, MI (summer address according to issue #1. Paul Jaquay's parent's house? he was a collage student at the time.) One was mailed to Tadashi in San Francisco, and the other to a Bill in Marryville, MO. Just think that's 28 years ago these two 8 page counting the front and back cover magazine's were inches from each other And here they are all these years later. I feel like there long lost brothers or something. Gives me a chill.

Question? I wonder what publication (Dragon? or was the Fantastic Dungeoning Society nationwide?) Tadashi and Bill mail-ordered there Dungeoneer #1 from? They both then paid the $3.00 subscription for six issues, taking them to #7 (tadashi ebay now #4-7) (#1 earlier) Bill's subscription # 013, Tadashi's #035


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