Dwarven Glory
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Post Posted: Fri Feb 04, 2011 3:03 pm 

Looking over a copy of Dwarven Glory - 1st print

Wanting to update the description posted here at the Acaeum since the copy I am looking at is different and wondering if others have various discrepancies.

11 pages, standard-sized (8.5" x 11") loose-leaf paper; originally came in a Ziploc bag

* not 13 as described

Cover page is yellow, with artwork in red - correct, and I can't get my scanner to scan the bright yellow with red ink ... it wants to scan it a more light tan with black... whatever...

5 pages of keyed encounter sheets.  White, double-sided

* not 6 single-sided as described

There is no way they could be single-sided unless there were 10 sheets !

"page 1" - section B with 9 room descriptions on front, last 4 lines of room 9 description on the back

"page 2" - section C with 11 room descriptions on the front, 2/3 of room 11 description on the back plus descriptions for rooms 12-15 on the back

"page 3" - section D with 8 rooms descriptions on the front (for rooms numbered 16-23) since it is ties directly into section C.
section G with 6 room descriptions is on the back of this page

"page 4" - section E with 6 room descriptions on the front.
section F with 8 room descriptions is on the back of this page

"page 5" - section H with 7 room descriptions on the font, with last line of room 7 description on the back plus descriptions for rooms 8-12 on the back

Four pages of maps.  White, double-sided - only part that is correct so far ad are as follows:

"page 1" - Map lettered as section B on front, section C on back

"page 2" - Map lettered as section D on front, section H on back

"page 3" - Map lettered as section E on front, section F on back

"page 4" - Map lettered as section G on front, blank hex grid on back

Quick Reference page, white - don't have one

Rear cover is a white page, with "Distributed exclusively by TSR Hobbies, Inc" in small type - don't have one

What there is in place of the 2 pages listed above is a cover page with a description of the module contents and a "back ground" with a "distributed by TSR" at the bottom - this is all on the front of the page.
The back of the page is titled: USE OF KIT with more details on how ti use the module and block at the bottom about Produced by Wee Warriors, designed by, and a copyright 1977

So maybe that's that those 2 lines are talking about, but since they aren't very descriptive, I wasn't sure.

So, does anyone else have a different layout/number of pages ?


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Post Posted: Fri Feb 04, 2011 3:23 pm 

Your best bet for descriptions of WW prints (and possibly identifying something new) is to check on the Tome:


They probably have been discussed here but usually that means sorting through a bunch of threads with lots of other stuff in between.


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Post Posted: Sat Feb 05, 2011 11:00 am 

Hmm.  My copy has:

1.  The yellow cover page.

2.  The title page (which begins, "FROM THOSE WONDERFUL FOLKS WHO BROUGHT YOU PALACE OF THE VAMPIRE QUEEN . . ."); double sided.

3.  Five double-sided encounter pages (as you described, Doug).

4.  Four map pages (again, as described).

5.  The quick reference page (double-sided).

6.  And a page captioned at the bottom, "COMBAT SUMMARY SHEET"); single-sided.

That's how I got to 13 pages, anyway.

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Post Posted: Sat Feb 19, 2011 12:19 pm 

My copy has in order:

Red cover as described

Blank hexagonal grid sheet single sided

Character Roll/Quick reference on one side, Creature on the other.  These are roster type layout pages.

Combat summary sheet, single sided

Map B/C double sided
Map D/H double sided
Map E/F double sided
Map G/hexagonal grid with similar decoration on margins as other maps

Module descriptons double sided including:
Section B
Section C
Section D/Section G
Section E/Section F
Section H

Module description/back sheet double sided, including Distributed exclusively by TSR Hobbies, Inc. R

14 sheets total, in ziplock.

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