The complete 2010 NTRPG CON Modules list with scans
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Post Posted: Mon Jan 24, 2011 12:29 pm 

Registered Attendees of the 2010 North Texas RPG Convention were limited to ONE copy each of the ten different Modules that were sold there.
Despite my poor scans below, all of the modules are the same size (Digest).

My grandson and I both attended (registered) so I was able to purchase two copies of each Module at the convention.
All of the Ten (10) Modules had exactly, or fewer than 100 copies printed.
IIRC all the Modules save for PotVQ were printed in quantities of about 50.
However; some of them may have had more or even fewer copies printed.
I am fairly certain that PotVQ had the most copies printed of the ten modules and I have seen others state that there were 100 copies of PotVQ printed.
Doug and Mike would probably be able to state the print count for each module.

Despite a recent E-Bay auction seller stating otherwise; NONE of the modules were sold in Shrink Wrap at the NTRPG CON.
They were sold in regular size common Plastic Collector Baggies (folded over and taped, not sealed).
The Baggies also had scanner stickers on them so that Mike/Doug (Or whomever) could scan them into the cash register at the point of purchase.

Complete list:
Five of them were published through/by Knight Vision Studios
1) Border Scourge; Jay Michael
2) Stormstruck; Jim Baney
3) The Forge; Jay Michael
4) The Sunken Shrine of Syraskis; Jay Michael
5) Dark Shore; Jim Baney

6) Palace of the Vampire Queen (Authorized Reprint)-Pete Kerestan

7) High in the Hellgate Mountains-Tim Kask
8.) The Temple of the Weaver Queen -Tim Kask; (I got to play in this one in 2009, but my PC Died… TWICE)

9) Ursined, Sealed and Delivered-Dennis Sustare

10) Adventurer's Wanted-Ben Burns

NOTE: The pictures below are not in the same order as the list above...






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