Assembling Art book - seeking artists
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I'm going to make an attempt to win the Lulu sales competition in January, and one of the things I am hoping to include as a new release is a book of the "Art of the Old School" much like the one I put together to help Ignatius/Calithena/Fight On! when they were going for the win in one of the prior contests.

So, I'm soliciting (ahem) any artists who would be interested in limited-licensing me to print some of their work; copyright would stay with the artist, of course, and all I'd be getting would be the right to print the illustration in this one work.

I would like, with each set of illustrations, to do a quick bio of the artist and direct the reader to the artist's online gallery, if the artist has one.

Since I consider cartography to be art, I'm interested in hearing from any cartographers as well.

I can't offer any compensation; art is simply too expensive, even at nominal rates. However, based on the sales we got a year (2 years?) ago on the first art book, the book should get into the hands of enough people for it to provide some pretty decent publicity.

Illustrations that have previously appeared in other products are fine* - this isn't all going to be "new" art - I'm more interested in the creative "oomph" of consolidating a bunch of fantasy-inspirational visuals in one place.

*assuming, of course, that the work wasn't originally made for hire.

The book is anticipated as a greyscale interior, but if there is enough color art available (a ratio of roughly one color to each 2-3 greyscale, then I would consider doing a color book. That has a lot to do with the way lulu charges for color vs. greyscale interiors, so it's a bit of an involved calculation).

Please email me at mythmere at yahoo dot com if you are interested in contributing to the project.

For those who don't know me, I've got the street cred for this - I did OSRIC and Swords & Wizardry, and I publish Knockspell Magazine. I'm not Paizo or Mongoose, but my sales are pretty good for a small publisher.

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