Poll -- Best Retro, Old School (OSR) Rule Set
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Poll: What is the Best Old School (OSRIC) Rule Set?

Basic Fantasy RPG 9%       9%  [ 4 ]
Castles & Crusades 28%       28%  [ 12 ]
Swords & Wizardry 23%       23%  [ 10 ]
Labyrinth Lord 12%       12%  [ 5 ]
White Box RPG 5%       5%  [ 2 ]
I want my, I want my, I want my B/X/C 23%       23%  [ 10 ]
Total votes : 43


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Post Posted: Fri Aug 13, 2010 9:45 pm 

grodog wrote:FYI, for folks who've been interested in K&K accounts, the registration problem seem to have been fixed, finally, so you should see email notifications coming for your registration requests.

Thork:  if you don't get one, they may have listened to your request to kill the account(s), so if you want an account set up and seem to be having problems, let me know and I'll check again with the admins.

Thanks for your collective patience on this :D

What is the domain name that the registration email will come from?

I want to make sure it doesn't get channeled into junk mail.


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Post Posted: Sat Aug 14, 2010 12:12 pm 

I assume it comes from knights-n-knaves.com KtT, but I'm really not sure:  it's been aeons since I registered there.

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Post Posted: Sun Oct 24, 2010 2:44 am 


Carcosa is going to be printed by Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

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Post Posted: Wed Mar 30, 2011 11:11 am 

For anyone who is interested, Savage Swords of Athanor is currently free to download.

http://swordsofathanor.blogspot.com/201 ... iving.html

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