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Post Posted: Sat Aug 28, 2004 2:38 am 

My best D&D stuff

This is almost all stuff I got when it first came out.

2nd print woodgrain w/ box, all in excellent condition except my old best friend's name is neatly printed on the first page of each book. (I think he is irritated at me because I bought it from him for $5 about 15 years ago.)
Dragon 1-7
Strategic Review 3-6 (subscription issues addressed to me)
First two years of Judge's Guild subscription issues and modules plus Overlord and World Emperor
First prints Blackmoor; Eldritch Wizardry; Gods, Demigods and Heroes
Character Archaic (Acaeum copy)


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Post Posted: Sat Aug 28, 2004 7:54 am 

I've got an ultra-rare book from eBay called "Unearthed Arcana"!  You won't see one of those online anytime soon.  At least that's what the seller told me... :roll: [/sarcasm]

More seriously,

-2nd printing D&D basic box set
-many OD&D booklets but no boxes/early prints
-Quite possibly the world's most damaged DM Screen (sentimental value only)


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Post Posted: Sat Aug 28, 2004 9:22 am 

Tsojconth is my main one.
Otherwise, Games Workshop character sheets and Australian G2. And R1 - that's on the Rares page as well. And a mint UK Basic set.


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Post Posted: Sat Aug 28, 2004 8:08 pm 

I don't have anything truly rare in the D&D arena, but I do have a few scarcities, though their value is suspect for various reasons.

Warriors of Mars (water and mildew damage on outer cover)
Monsters! Monsters! (glue a bit fragile on this book.)
The Arduin Grimoire, vols 1-3 (unsure about printings on any of these, but vol 1 appears to be a second print.  Vol 2 and 3 are unknown, but given that Vol 3 is so radically different in cover design from Vol 1 and 2, it almost positively isn't a 1st print.)
The three seperate books of The Mechanoid Trilogy, in near mint. (Mechanoid Invasion and The Journey are printed on newsprint, which gets brittle fast!  Homeworld is on a better paper, but all are first print according to my research.)
Atlantis: The Lost Continent (1986 reprint)
Dune: Chronicles of the Imperium (it's DUNE, so I have to have it.)

Each of these, with the definite exception of Warriors of Mars and the possible exception of The Arduin Grimoires, are perceived scarcities.  You don't see them around too often, but they perhaps are not as rare as they might seem.  There are a couple other perceived scarcities that I have...some recent, some not.  Things like the old ICE Campaign Guide to Middle-Earth with the map, or WasteWorld, a recent game that seems to not show up too often on shillbay.

Finally, there are a couple self-published rpgs that I own that were produced by RPG fans.  One of them took the time and energy to revise (badly) every existing D&D mechanic and renamed every spell he could to avoid infringement, however the author failed to rename the monsters, and in fact borrowed some more from literature.  A very blatant D&D ripoff that tried to do it better and failed.

The second game was at least a bit more original in that it used its own spells and its own monster list.  However, it too is derivative, this time from RuneQuest/Basic Role Playing.  There is no resistance table like in RQ/BRP, but otherwise the gameplay is the same.  This one suffers through from not having any magic items, expecting the GM to make their own.

I'm sure as I take an inventory I'll find more perceived scarcities.  I know I have about a year's worth of old Polyhedron magazines that I found at the same place where I found practically everything else on this list, with mailing covers intact, and in perfect condition.  I do recall off the top of my head that two of the issues have parts 1 and 2 of Needle in it, if that helps any.

Other than that...nothing to write home about.  After all, little of it is D&D related, except for Warriors of Mars and the Polyhedrons.  But it's all cool.

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