RPGA Slipcase Query
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Post Posted: Tue Jun 01, 2004 7:43 pm 

How many variations were there of the RPGA slipcase?  
I have all light purple ones, are there any other colors?  
I have some that have the RPGA logo on the outer case but not the inner sleeve case.  
And I have them where the RPGA logo is on the outer and inner cases, and there seems to be some kind of sticker residue below the logos on these as well.  
Does anyone know from the ones they've seen or have?


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Post Posted: Sun Jun 06, 2004 11:23 pm 

I had at least 8 of them.  All were purple.  Some had the logo on the outer case only, others had it on the inner case only.  I do recall sticker residue below the logo on one of them.  But i got it used, so i didn't know anything about it.


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