BBC - Whatever happened to Dungeons and Dragons?
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Post Posted: Sun May 02, 2004 12:07 pm 

Centurion13 wrote:
I recall some Wiccans on the USS Acadia who played AD&D, who mightily offended our Game Master with their heathen nonsense, as he was a devout Baptist and could not abide "them devil worshippers".

The other run-in I had with role-players who could not distinguish fantasy from reality

I'm _not_ a Wiccan, but to characterize them as "devil worshippers" is wrong.  Wiccan beliefs do not equal Satanic beliefs.  Here's the Webster's dictionary definition of Wicca: "witchcraft, esp. benevolent, nature-oriented practices derived from pre-Christian religions."  If someone tells you they are a Wiccan and that they worship Satan/the devil, then they are not a Wiccan.  

There are quite a few Wiccans among RPG-ers, and just like any other "group," they are some whom I'd rather not game with and others who could game at my table any day of the week.  

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