Tim Kask interview: the text
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Post Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2004 5:26 am 

After being busy wth a lot of other things, now I'm pleased to show you the definitive text of the interview I sent to Tim Kask. As soon as he sends me the answers, I'll post the full text here...

"Tim Kask is a legendary figure for gamers of the old school, having been editor of The Dragon for the magazine's first years. After this expreience, he left to launch the ill fated Adventure Gaming magazine and then he disappeared from gamers' radar screens. Now, courtesy of an intriguing auction in Ebay for an ‘editor copy' of Dragon magazine #1, I managed to contact him. Tim Kask agred to an interview and here we are. Some questions were kindly provided by The Acaeum's Usual Gang of Suspects: so, this is really a cooperative effort courtesy of Dark Seraphim, Grodog, Bbarsh, JonOakes and Ddt58. And Sotterraneo, of course!


Dear mr. Kask, please let me thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. It's a honor and a pleasure being able to interview one of the Golden Age figures of gaming!

First of all, as usual in my interviews, might you give us some details about yourself: age, studies, current occupation and interests?

How did you get into gaming back in the early days?

When gaming became a job and not simply an intriguing pastime?


Was Dragon your first 'game related' job? What did you do before that?

What is one of your favorite memories from your time as the editor of The Dragon?

How was being the editor of The Dragon? Were you under pressure to feature in the ‘right' (ie, positive) way TSR's products and interestes or did you enjoy autonomy and freedom to edit the magazine?

What was your reaction fo James Dallas Egbert III case? Did you read The Dungeon Master book by Dear, the detective that solved the case?

What were the early days like at TSR? Did they know they had a great thing going or were they oblivious to the road ahead?

Did you do any design work at the time or The Dragon kept you busy full time and beyond (as usual with magazine editors...)?

How did you discover Fineous Fingers? Whatever happened to it? Will we ever see a return of the strip?  

Whatever happened to Dave Trampier?

What was the best Dragon feature you put out under your tenure?


Why did you leave The Dragon and TSR and started the new magazine, Adventure Gaming? I suppose you had some kind of conflict with the upped management (io Gary Gugax and the the Blumes): is this right?

Why did you decide to launch a new magazine? The gaming periodicals scene at the time seemed quite crowded...

Did you receive any proposals to go back to TSR and resume editing The Dragon or anyway working for the company?


After the magazines, were you still involved in the gaming industry or did you leave it altoghether? I remember reading in Different Worlds that you were managing a ‘National Survival Dealership' after the sad end of Adventure Gaming.

Do you still collect games, or edit gaming materials?

Was Dave Anderson as terrible a writer as some have heard through the grapevine?
Are you involved with any of the 30th anniversary planning for D&D?
Did you keep in touch with any of the other old hands at TSR---EGG, RJK, REM, Len Lakofka, David Sutherland, etc.?
Are you keepojg ‘updated' about the gaming industry? If so, what's your opinion of 3.0/3.5? The OGL? D20?

Do you think that people who play RPGs today are different than the old D&D'ers of old? It's my opinion that the 'new comers' are far more likely to be powergamers than those of old. Do you agree?

Do you think the industry will be around for another 30 years? Is it stronger or weaker than it was in the late 70s early 80s?
Is there any chance, beyond a possible involvement in the 30th anniversary celebration of D&D, to see you back in the gaming industry (beside answering the interview, of course!)?

What's your favorite AD&D adventure of all time?

What's your funniest tale from the game table?

Tell us about your favorite character in as much detail as you like.
Do you collect old D&D stuff?

What's the coolest D&D related artifact that you have from days of old?(IE, Gygax's original dice set, Arneson's DM notes, The first scrap of paper ever with the words 'dungeons and dragons' on it..etc.)

What do you think of Dragon now, run by Paizo and the current crop. Some people think is it's kind of like Saturday Night Live. Same label, not bad.. but it'll never be like it was... "

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