I have a strange feeling about Gail Gygax
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Truth is worth finding and life is too short to work for money.


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deimos3428 wrote:

Lol.  :lol:
benjoshua wrote:

Yeah. But what about the rest of them?

This week I've been mostly eating . . . The white ones with the little red flecks in them.



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Mars wrote:
This is probably a tough thing to really determine since Gary was always the one in the spotlight and Gail in the background.  Although, a few years back when I lent out a module for Gary to DM at a local con in Toronto, Gary ended up taking the module home because no one at the con seemed to know what to do with it.  Gary was happy to sign it but it was Gail who ended up taking care of the shipping it back to me.  My limited impression is that Gail took care of a lot more behind the scenes things than most people realize.

Another "ding"!  :)

I had a chance to chat with Gail on Saturday at the coffee shop in LG. She was very involved with helping and running their business, specifically mentioning the Gord the Rogue books (Saga is dedicated to her) and the Gygaxian Fantasy World series. She encouraged and worked with Gary to put out this material.

Gail also talked about the time it takes to work out the complexities (my word) of IP, contracts and other various legal issues that take time - as far as going forward with Gygax Games and putting out Gary's material.

She assured me that this stuff will be produced and printed, including more castle levels.

I look forward to seeing what GGs will make available to us all.


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