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Post Posted: Thu Jan 23, 2003 1:22 pm 

Hi there, y'all!  Seem to have quite a bit in common, here... Like <grodog>, aged 33, started D&D back in 1977 with a set purchased from the "home" of the <Underworld Oracle> fanzine. Current location: Sheffield, UK.  Like <Sotterraneo> and <d20sites> I gave up White Dwarf when GW tried to kill diversity in UK RPGs, albeit I lasted (just) to issue 100. Missed out on that other glossy magazine (Dragon, or something like that, I think it was??) to begin with, 'coz it cost so *much* over here at the time. Bad move :)  Roll those (high impact) bones... David (ac:3, hd:7, ttyp:E (somewhat optimistic, I think), %lair:obviously a typo, should be 90%, not 10% <g>).



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Hi all,  My name is Pedro Federico, I am 33 and from Buenos Aires, Argentina.  I started playing in 1985, and still play every Saturday with a group of friends, but mainly RuneQuest and Call of Cthulhu.  I am "collecting" (if we may call it that...  :oops:) AD&D first edition hardbacks. I will call it a day when I get a copy of Chainmail, a copy of the woodgrain or white AD&D box with the supplements, and a copy of the five D&D sets (from Basic to Immortals). I'd also like a copy of the 2nd. edition AD&D manuals (I have them in Spanish) and Lost Caves of Tsojcanth.  I bought most of the stuff on eBay and on Internet sites (like Dragon's Trove). I haven't bought much over the last two years because of a terrible devaluation in Argentina.  :cry:   I don't think I have very rare items, though I am quite proud of my copies of Rogues Gallery, Deities & Demigods (of course with Cthulhu and Elric...  8) ) plus Role-Playing Mastery by Gygax.

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Name: Scott  Location: Chicago IL USA   Age: 27  I started playing around 1982 and quit cold turkey a little over a decade ago.  A few months ago, I too found my old D&D stuff at my parent's house when my wife and I moved to my old neighborhood.  I also had lost a few of my most prized items, I figured my younger cousin who still games borrowed them at some point and never gave them back.  I throtled what I could out of him, looked into replacing what was gone and took an interest in collecting. I stay away from e-bay so it tough - as of now I have nothing of note in my collection except for some unpainted, unidentifed vintage lead minatures which I suspect are either worthless or the Holy Grail. EDIT: Oh yeah, I'm vaguely intrested in all pre-1988 TSR stuff.  Mostly, however, it's Gygaxian AD&D.

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Hello everybody,  My name is Thomas and I am a collector! :)  My age is 24 and I am from Athens, Greece. I've been role-playing for the last 10 years, started from AD&D and moved on to Call of Cthulhu and Nephilim.   My collection is not as impressive as most others around here. I started by playing Forgotten Realms and enjoyed the world very much. Soon after I discovered a variety of other games but kept on collecting Forgotten Realms material. At this point I have 129 items which is something like 77% of the total items (not counting novels).   The most impressive ones would be two rather humble Bloodstone modules (H2, H4) although I do enjoy my brother's slightly more expensive items.  One thing to say here would be how much I have enjoyed Acaeum since I discovered it. The people here have done an amazing job and deserve praise for it. Congratulations!  PS. I owe an answer to two people on the forums. I will give it as soon as I have the necessary information.



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Hello, here's my intro.....  My name is Chad, I am 27, and live in Minnesota.  I have only been playing for 5 years.  I was introduced to 1st edition right off the bat.  The only campain setting I have really played is a well designed and well thought out world my DM has created.  I have dabbled a bit in Rolemaster, and more receintly been creating and running my own campains in my world.    The most interesting item I own is a 1st print PHB with a White (instead of orange) flyleaf.


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Post Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2003 12:32 pm 

Well hello all!  Name: Rick Simmons (yep, Richard Simmons, in fact!) Age: 32 (just turned) Career: Graphic Designer  So far... another demographic! I started at the ripe old age of 7 when I lived in long beach, LosAngeles. I remember starting with the basic set and progressed towards AD&D after a short stint in D&D. Like others here, I played through high school and just a bit in college, which stopped due to scheduling conflicts.   I haven't really been collecting until the last few years though. I really started back to collecting when I worked at the eBay offices in Salt Lake City, Utah. It's VERY easy to go through your paycheck when you work graveyards there...   Soon, I was "re-hooked" and have been adding to what I started with in the late 70's. I'm around 220 items total now...My collection centers around "various and sundry" prints of all D&D and AD&D products only. I've dabbled with collecting Dragon Magazine, Dungeon Magazine, FR and light 2e and 3e D&D...extremely interested in anything early D&D/AD&D or Greyhawk (thus, the few 3e pieces).  I'd like to have something in common with my kids soon: gaming!!                                                  ***  Neatest (not necessarily unique) items I've got..... SO FAR:   •2 white boxed D&D sets, one OCE... •1st prints of the core rulebooks: PHB ($15 on ebay!), a MM1, 1st print(autographed by Tracy Lesch -1st TSR staff artist!), 1st prints of DMG •A Complete set of monochrome prints   Wants: my holy grails are the rarities:  Original rules manuscript, Orange B3, ST1, Jade, Dragon Mags 1-5, 1st or 2nd print woodgrain set... anyone got a copy or three? Soon, my precious....   [email protected]


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Post Posted: Wed Feb 05, 2003 3:46 pm 

Hello everyone,  :)   My name is mike, my last name you'll probably be able to figure out  :wink: I'm 32...been playing D&D since I was about 13. Survivor of the 80's D&D player witchhunt that spread thru the religious community in my hometown. Had my collection "given away" to a friend while I was in the army 89-92...Thanks Mom  :cry:   I'm not an advanced collector as most of you....I specialize in collecting modules, (I almost have them all) Dragon Magazines (first one I ever bought was #101....hooked since then) Dungeon magazines and The 11 series AD&D miniature line.   My favorite module is the Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh....I can never get tired of DM'ing that series. Haven't played in a long time....don't have the time, or the players anymore.....everybody ran off and got married or got a job :?  :wink:   Hope to meet some friends all seem like smart friendly people.  Cheers, Mike


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Post Posted: Sat Feb 22, 2003 10:02 am 

Just bumping this up so the new comers will see it and hopefully use it  :D



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Post Posted: Mon Feb 24, 2003 2:12 pm 

My name's Michael, I'm 30 and live in Los Angeles.  Right now I'm wearing black pant -- oh, wait a minute.  Sorry, wrong forum.  Anyhoo, I'm a casual collector.  The RPG collectibles market is intriguing, since it's not nearly as thoroughly catalogued as, say, the comics market, which leaves lots of room for surprises and new discoveries.  My interest naturally stems from gaming: like many here, I'm of the cohort that was introduced via the Sutherland Basic Set ca. 1980.  And like some of you, I appreciate the Proustian aspects of beholding, touching, smelling, etc. an old module or book.  By "casual", I mean that though I have a lot of old stuff, much of it is well-used and I have very few duplicate copies for the purposes of trading or selling.  Nonetheless, I do browse eBay regularly and sold a bunch of duplicate stuff and 2e materials I wasn't interested in (like Sargent-era Greyhawk) on r.g.f.marketplace back in 1998 -- darn it.    D&D is the focus of my collection, but RuneQuest, Stormbringer, and Call of Cthulhu materials are a second only because Chaosium has a smaller product line.  Tekumel is another area of specialty.  My prizes are not particularly rare, but include all the old Chaosium boxed sets (Spawn of Azathoth, Borderlands, etc.), the Mentzer R-series, and a complete collection of Dungeon magazine.  I also keep several copies of Dungeon #33, since a piece I wrote is featured there.  The Acaeum is a fine site, and I'm happy to have contributed the odd bit of lore on occasion.


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Hello all,  Name is Hugh  I'm 32 going on mid-life gamers crisis.  I started play at the age of 10 with my guadian parents and my two older brothers. Played for about 8 years and never got a character past the 1st level. Not though any fault of my own but because my"father was one of those "egade what a cheap referree" "red dragon had 10 copper pennies" type. He didnt DM for the fun and intrigue of the game but as a rules FANATIC. Didn't bother to read the first line in the DMG  "this is a GUIDE!!" Needless to say I lost the light in my soul for D&D until I joined the Air Force to get away from the hell hole that was childhood.  It was in the military where the D&D flame was rekindled and I discovered that I was a damn good player!! I played every gambit of the D&D universe from Greyhawk to FR to Maztica to Planescape(not a big fan of). In the military you will find some of the most diehard old school DMs and players antwhere. It was nothing for our group to meet at the DM's room on a Friday afternoon and play straight on till Sunday night, non-stop with no sleep!! 8O AHH the good old days!! Now I'm married and my wife still wont play :cry: . So I look to the future when my three kids grow up and I can intro them to D&D :lol: .  But tradgidy struck when I was moving from Kadena air base to the states and 13 years worth of XD&D was stolen from my personal belongings being shipped back :cry:  :x  :evil: .  So as a 2003 resolution I decide to start collecting back my 2 decades of history with D&D, much to the dismay of my wife. She WILL get over it. Thanks to this forum and ACAEUM I have a place to start and not get hosed by greedy E-bayers. I've got about 7 good years of collecting before my kids come of age so I've got the ball rolling thanks to an E-bay purchase from Chromatik Knight and others. Alas I need to cut this short seeing as how my wife just got home. Post  you all later.

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Post Posted: Tue Feb 25, 2003 10:34 pm 

Hi,  My name is Chris.  I'm right in the ol' ballpark at 33 years old.  I started out on the whitebox set when I was 9 or so, then quickly migrated to AD&D as the books came out. My brother held on to the OD&D stuff and I haven't seen it since. I also have a ton of original materials from back then; I collected modules like they were candy (actually I would eat only half a lunch at school and save the other half to buy D&D stuff).  Since, I can't find any of my old stuff, I've started to collect those things I had as a boy and spent so many hours reading, imagining and enjoying.  Chris


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Post Posted: Tue Mar 11, 2003 8:33 pm 

howdy folks, It's me the infamous BURNTWIRE :wink:   AGE:31 Location:Near Indianapolis Ocupation:Union Electrician(Loc.481)  If I would have known how much this site had to offer I would have joined long ago. I have been playing and collecting D&D and TSR products for almost 20 years. I thought I had a decent collection until I found EBAY and THE ACAEUM and learned about the old and rare stuff. Since then my brother(he also buys and sells under my name as "burntwire" on EBAY) and I have been spending our way to poverty to fill out our collection(I WISH!!).  Coolest Items: -R1, R2, R3 Pre-Pubs -PoTVQ-1st Print -Misty Isles -2 GenCon IX Dungeons by Bob Blake -Q1 Original back cover art by Jeff Dee -TSR Employee Tiffany & Co. lead crystal paperweight w/box(Way cooler/larger than it sounds)  Peace, burntwire


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Post Posted: Wed Mar 12, 2003 1:17 am 

Howdy Folks,  I have been lurking for a while and finally, I have some time to make some posts! Lately I've been swamped getting my latest auction underway - #33!  My name is Paul Stormberg and I am 35. I started playing D&D in 1981. I still run a 1st edition AD&D campaign by the book (9 years running).  I collect TSR, Greyhawk, AD&D, and D&D. I have been an active collector, trader, and auctioneer since 1995. I have never changed my email address in 8 years, so the old salts of should know me all too well.  I sell hard so I can keep up with you guys! It is expensive, especially this last month, but as I upgrade my collection I free up items for auction. It's the only way I can keep my head above water.   Favorties from my collection:  -my own maps, notes, and character from my OD&D delve into Castle Greyhawk run by Gary Gygax -Viking Gods designer copy (was to be called Ragnarok!) -editorial ms. of '83 Greyhawk boxed set -ST1 -B3 -Jade Hare w/ cover -Tsojconth -1st print D&D woodgrain -the 1st and 1st print of PotVQ ;-) -TSR staff copies of Tamoachan and Ghost Tower (L. Schick) -Greyhawk folio ad poster ('80) -oh heck I love 'em all;-)  On to replying to more posts!  Futures Bright,  Paul

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Post Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2003 2:16 pm 

I'm 34 and started gaming in 1979.  D&D/AD&D are my predominant collecting focuses at the moment, though I'm also in the market for some Traveller Classic books.  I guess the prizes of my collection are two 1st print Monster Manuals, one I bought off a guy on Dragonsfoot for $50-ish and then two days later found another copy at my used bookstore for $8.  Urk! :-)

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Alright alright,   First of all  My name is Bruce Thibodeau,  I am 33 yrs old  Live in North Central Michigan, and I can walk accross a creek less than 100 yards from my door and get lost in 26 thousand acers of uninterupted forest.  So What?  I only mention it to let everyone know that I do not have anything in common with people that  are in the city. So I may make comment once in a while that are out of political corectness.   :D   I began into D&D when I wa in 7th grade and a kid on the bus had some books. I wanted to see them and he let me. Soon he had me curious and I was interested in seeing what the heck you did with them. I soon found myself playing  one weekend. I was hooked and off and running in the Rhelm so to speak.  I suffered horrible teasing from many as I played  through High school and was considered an outcast.  Through this time my ( Collection ) Books I used in my games. had bagan to grow.  I joined the military and played while I was in with other people who were like myself. I also will Confess and toss this out not that I expect  anyone to ever know or help to get me in contact with these two.  If anyone Knows  JOEL MATSON ( whom Lived In Bay City Mi in the 80's please tell him to e-mail me and that I said Hello and thanks for getting me into AD&D)  Michael Parkhurst Whom was in the United States Marines in 1988, and graduated Crypto School in Pennsacola nad was stationed in Japan for his first duty station. ( Thanks Mike for the books still got em.)  Otherwise I came to the Acaeum to get info and try to get rid of my items I had. Now I find myself also debating of trying to regain some items I may sell. I will probably just let my stuff go and in the future attempt to step into this collecting thing.  I really enjoyed playing AD&D but now have no one to play with except the kids, and well I really dont want to let my children play AD&D with me useing my items that are worth money, and others may desire to have, so I am trying to sell useing E-bay and other means.  I thought about Amazon until I seen the prices they charge there, seems no one seels anything but the cost of the items would kill you i fyou were to bid and buy them. ( Psst seek out the used books section and search by ISBN numbers to locate some good deals in their used book sections.)[/b]

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Post Posted: Sat Mar 22, 2003 12:01 pm 

Hey Guys,  The names Jon, though I go by Sardan on most of the forums I visit (Kenzer & Co Boards and Dragonsfoot mostly).  I've been lurking for a while here after discovering The Acaeum.  What a great site.  My story seems pretty similar to alot of people on these boards.  I'm nearly thirty I strated playing D&D at about 8 with the Moldvay Basic D&D set.  Played D&D and AD&D right up until the launch of 2nd edition when I dropped out of the hobby until a couple of years ago.  I got back into D&D with 3rd edition although I have moved on to HackMaster. :twisted:   I'm trying to rebuild my collection (lots of stuff lost over the years  :( ) mostly from  Not too bothered about condition as i simply don't have the money to spend - just looking for books in a reasonable condition to read, keep and maybe play with.  Interests are BECM D&D, 1st Ed AD&D and Greyhawk.  Currently playing 1st Edition AD&D with some friends - reliving the ToEE!! :D   Nice to meet you guys. :)



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Post Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2003 3:46 am 

hi! my name is Richard  i'm french and 34 years old  well, my D&D and AD&D love story started in the beginning of the 80s, when i went to england with my school. A friend of mine, who already heard of D&D, brought back a monster manual, players handbook and dungeon masters guide. At the beginning, we (me and a bunch of friends) were making fun of him, since we didnt understood the meaning of this. When my friend Nicolas masterized his first game, we all were hooked! next year, another school trip to england is planned. My firends and I waited for the "shopping hour" in the regent street area were a few game shops stood: Game Center. When the shopping hour started, we ran like crazy to the shop to put our hands on wathever we could find: dragon mag, white dwarf mags, modules...That was real cool! That was the start of my AD&D story. From then on i tried to find other modules and magazines, but it was not easy all the time. Had to go to Paris, where two shops sold them: L'Oeuf Cube and Jeux Descartes. My collection grew, but was missing much of stuff. Then in the beginning of the 90s, I found in adverts the adress of Lou Zocchi and bought, at horrid prices, some old Dragon mag. I also managed to find second hand shops by mail in england and also U.S. My collection grew again. I'm interested in D&D and AD&D first edition stuff, but also getting some generic stuff linked to it: Judges guild ... And up to now, i'm using online shops to buy here and there, but at present not very intensively. I have a sentimental link to my collection. When i buy a module still shrinkwrapped, i open it to be able to read, watch, touch it. Plan to complete my Polyhedron and Dragon collection.  nicest item in collection? hmm no very rares and expensive just like ST1 or orange B3 but i've got a autographed Dungeon masters guide by G. gygax, a fighting wheel, R1-3, complete collection of White dwarf, imagine and pre-imagine issues...



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Greetings my name is Corey and I started gaming when I was 7 to 8ish.   While I've played more than my share of alternate games and found some that I enjoy more than the current incarnation of the game, I have fond memories of the original and 1st edition games.  I've owned almost all the original products but lost a lot to attrition and moving. Now I've taken to trying to reclaiming my old collection status.

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