Introduce Yourself, Fellow Collectors
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Welcome onboard!

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Jar15a1 wrote in Introduce Yourself, Fellow Collectors:Hello everybody,

I played AD&D my first three years of HS (83-86)before moving away for my senior year. And that was the end of that adventure. At that time I lived in a very small town and was gifted the Easley cover PH and a small lead figure but that was the extent of my collection. I was just another broke kid dreaming of big adventures outside my small town. I didn’t follow the game at all after that.

Now, 37 or so years later, I’m looking to get back in and I find it’s on its 5th edition. I bought the Art and Arcana book and got up to speed on what happened while I was away. Quite the story.

So as I looked to get back into the fun, I came across this site and it’s been amazing to see the time and effort everyone is putting into it. I’ve started watching eBay now and picking up the things I missed out on in the 80’s. I’m very excited to get back into the hobby and look forward to this adventure.



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