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Post Posted: Sat Nov 16, 2002 12:53 am 

Hi all---  

I've been a long-time fan of the Acaeum, and have pored over the wonderful research collected and shared here.  I think the forums are a GREAT idea!  

name:  Allan Grohe
age:  33 (just turned)
place:  San Jose, CA (though originally Merchantville, NJ, then Lawrence, KS)  

I started gaming in the summer of 1977 at the tender age of 7, and haven't looked back :-)  

My favorite collectible is an original 1987 DragonCon copy of To the City of Brass signed by Rob Kuntz; my rarest is probably my copy of Mentzer's Dwarven Quest for the Rod of Seven parts.  


Allan Grohe ([email protected])
Greyhawk, grodog Style

Editor and Project Manager, Black Blade Publishing


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Post Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2002 12:26 am 

Hey Gang!  

Name: Jeff Soileau (aka "Bazul")  
Age: 35

Began playing AD&D in 1979.  During the winter months our group still games just about every week.  (Another member of our group was also a member of the VERY first group I gamed with over 23 years ago!)  

Location: Atlanta  

Coolest item I own:  My First Print PHB with WHITE FLYLEAF (instead of the usual yellow) -- it's one of only two know to exist!  

Glad to be a part of a great forum and website -- Good job Scott!


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Post Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2002 7:43 pm 

Hi All!  My Name is Matt I am 33 I started playing back in 1979 and stopped actively playing around 1990 when my group disbanded near the end of college. I have been collecting since then and have a pretty good collection going.  I live up in the cold Northeast in Maine.  Coolest Item I own?  Signed copies of R1 and R2.  It is great to see that the game has so much interest still after all these years!  Good gaming and collecting to all! :D


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Post Posted: Wed Nov 20, 2002 3:26 pm 

Hey,  My name is Shane, I'm 26, and I have been DMing since 1986. I am a Forgotten Realms collector just trying to get those elusive Adventurer's Guild modules set in the Forgotten Realms to complete my collection.   Best collecting moment, me and a friend drove to this role playing store about two hours away and I looked on the corkboard at the store and noticed this little piece of paper, Kara-Tur for sale $5. So I called up the guy, managed to find his house and bought the boxed set for $5.   Coolest Item? Well its not one item but I have a complete shrinkwrapped collection of Dungeon magazines up to the latest issue.  Good luck with your collections.

In Pursuit of Better Worlds,
Bragi of erin



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Post Posted: Wed Nov 20, 2002 7:50 pm 

Hi,  I'm Richard, 26, from Holland and started playing D&D in somewhere in 1989. Stopped playing around 1994 when our party fell apart. Started collecting the D&D range of products (I never fancied AD&D) in 2000 only so that I would have the rules to play again. Since that included xerox-copies and digitized copies I stopped collecting halfway 2001 :)  My favourite item: when Scott started the multi-language version on the Acaeum, I contacted the old dutch publisher for some info on the dutch line of D&D. They sent me a package full of surprises, including: - shrinkwrapped dutch D&D box with 3 shrinkwrapped modules - original D&D promo material - around 12 original negatives used for the actual printing of the dutch modules (and some other international products as well!)! These include a few pictures of very famous Larry Elmore pieces and an AMAZING A4-sized negative of a Jeff Easley painting, which I still haven't found on the internet! I'll post a scan when I'm able to scan the negative.   I still buy some of the 3rd Edition D&D books and like them, but don't really play. I don't collect anymore and I even think I'm going to sell my D&D collection in the (far) future, since all I do with it is store it :)  Greetz  Richard


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Post Posted: Tue Nov 26, 2002 1:16 pm 

Name: Ciro Age: 34 Location: Brescia, Italy  I started playing and collecting D&D books in 1986, when in Italian only the Basic set and three modules (B2, B3 and B4) had been released. This made an obligation buying D&D books in English (assuming we could find them, of course, not an esay task in the Eighties in Turin, my home city). I played regularly till 1994, when due to the Magic phenomenon and some players moving out of city or 'growing up', the group dissolved. Now I have a group again, started in 1999 after moving to Brescia for opening and managing my game store and hearing again the call of the game. Our group doesn't play only D&D but D6 Star Wars and, amazing, Mutant Chronicles RPG too.   Me and Danilo Moretti are the proud 'fathers' of We have catalogued in it every D&D book in Italian and (we suppose) in English: we were quite worried to see nobody preserving the 'lore' of the Italian products. We are working on the AD&D second edition products in Italian too...  My personal preferences for collecting are not for D&D products anymore, but for gaming magazines: Space Gamer, Dragon, Different Worlds, Imagine...   I am most proud for the collection of White Dwarf magazine from issue 1 to issue 90. After 90, well, it's just a catalogue for me...


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Post Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2002 1:10 am 

Name:    Len Age:       33 Location: CT, USA  I started playing in 1981, my dad brought home the basic set that he picked up because all his friends in work were talking about it.  Not ever hearing about, I ripped into it and started reading...the rest is history...I actively played until about 1989.  The 2nd edition rules had just come onto the scene when my group in college decided to stop due to too many conflicting schedules.  D&D fell from my radar until 1998 when I found my old gaming box during a move to Chicago.  I saw a few items up for sale on Ebay and decided to give it a try.  I now have 420 unique D&D items, with over 200 of them still in their shrink wrap.    Items most proud of... Jade Hare in Shrink Dungeon Geomorphs Sets 1, 2 and 3 along with the Outdoor set all in SW Kara-Tur box set in SW AC5 in Mint Condition Orange B3  Dragon #1 Dungeon #1 Polyhedron #1


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Post Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2002 1:33 pm 

Hi all,  Name: Tim McDuffie  Age: 38  Location: San Diego, CA  I am actually an oldtimer, I ran my first auction on May of 1996 where Mike Cox bought my Outdoor Geomorphs for $11.  I have not been active in the collecting hobby for the last year because of several months spent off the coast of Pakistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and an unfortunate EverCrack habit.  I first started playing in 1982 and started collecting in 1988.  I have over 1000 items in my collection not including Dragon Magazines (anyone want to take some duplicate Dragon Magazines off my hands?).  My coolest item is a first printing of the D&D Basic set autographed by Gary Gygax to Andre Norton :D


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Post Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2002 7:16 pm 

I guess I'm the oldtimer.  I'm 44, started playing circa 1974-5 using the woodgrain box at a store called the Little Soldier Shop in Wheaton, MD.  I also went to the first three Origins (Baltimore twice and Staten Island I believe).  I wish I could find my old convention badges and programs.  I haven't collected very actively, just saved all the stuff I used back then.  I do pick up stuff on E-Bay from time to time.  My favorite items: Near mint woodgrain D&D set, 2nd printing Character Archaic by Wee Warriors, unused (It can be seen on Acaeum) Ringbearer, by Little Soldier Games (which i got to help playtest)


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Post Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2002 11:05 pm 

Hello all, Josh Berling (zzyllan on ebay), and I am new to the forum.  Just thought I would give a bit of info on myself.  You know, to feel like one of the gang...  Name: Above Age: 26 Playing: Since '92 (only 10 years, I know... what have I been DOING with my life.) Collecting: Only a few years, but I love it and I love my collection.  My collection is kinda weird, cuz I don't collect the rare stuff.  My collection is all about diversity; I collect main rulebooks for different games.  I have the rulebooks for over 150 different games, though, and it is quite neat.  Of course, I have the standards (Vampire, D&D White Box [no woodgrain... damn...], Palladium), but I also have some odd stuff (Quicksilver, The End, The Power, Periphery.)  Favorite TSR Item: I just picked this up, but my Boot Hill Miniatures Rules from 1977.  Oooo... it is so neat.  Oh, and my Meta Alpha I just got from Noble Knight.  I have been searching for a while for a nice copy.  Favorite non-TSR Item: Mint Elfquest Box Set.  Not terribly rare, but terribly neat.  Have fun,  Josh B


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Post Posted: Fri Dec 13, 2002 3:55 pm 

Name: classified Age: Old enough to know better  Will buy anything cheap or interesting.


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Post Posted: Sat Dec 14, 2002 11:19 pm 

Name: Daniel Age: 34 Location: Wisconsin  I started collecting D&D (and AD&D, and CoC, and ...) in early 80's, though not with the approval of my mother (she never understood the rpg's and believed some of the anti-D&D hype). I got hooked on White Dwarf during that time and even had a subscription for a couple years. During the mid-80's, WD was an awesome magazine. Interesting articles, scenarios, cartoons and an interesting perspective of D&D and gaming from a country thousands of miles away.  In 1988, I got a third shift job in Madison.  I used to collect the cartoons from the Daily Cardinal, one of UW-Madison student newspapers.  I believe one of the contributing cartoonist was John Kovalic (Dork Tower).  On paydays, I would get done with work in the morning at 7am, hang around the student union until 8am, go cash my check at the credit union, have breakfast and wait until 10am for Pegasus Games to open.  I bought lots of games and modules.  Forgotten Realms was starting up around then.  What I didn't spend on games, I spent on comics.  Man, I was a junkie for a fix.  It didn't take me long to fill quite a bit of my collection.  During the 90's, my game collecting slacked off until a few years ago, I got hooked on eBay.  Using the Triviathlon poster for a checkoff list, I have about a third or more checked off (the Triviathlon poster had one on the most comprehesive lists of D&D/AD&D related items up to 1995/96).  Nowadays, I have most of my collections done: several collections of various gaming magazines, D&D, Mystara, Al-Qadim, Lankhmar and good amount of non-TSR items.  I realized I don't have the resources to have  complete collection, but I have a good chunk of what I like.    Items I am proud of: ST1 Up the Garden Path Gary Gygax autographed German 1st Edition AD&D Player's Handbook   (Das offizielle Spieler Handbuch von Gary Gygax) my first 1st Edition AD&D Player's Handbook   (The smell, the printing and artwork  MMMMmmm!   they don't print game books like this anymore  :cry:  ) White Dwarf 1-99 and many others ...  Items I would like to get: Jade Hare with cover RPGA 2, 3, 4 R1, 2, 3, 4 AC5 Player Character Sheets The Compleat Necromancer (WOTC/Pandevelopment)


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Post Posted: Mon Jan 06, 2003 4:33 am 

OK, time to introduce myself to those who do not know me from the old days:  Name: Matthias Age: 29 Location: Hamburg, Germany  I see this makes me the only German on this board...   I started playing in 1988, got hooked on AD&D and english language books when the 2nd edition was released in 1989. Access to the internet in 1995 brought me to the newsgroup, and openede a range of possibilites previously unavailable here. In Germany, it was virtually impossible to locate any out of print items. People held on to their RPG books, and there was not much material around in the early days of the hobby.  When I started a little homepage in early 1996, the idea of a non-TSR xD&D item list was born. Inspired by David Papay's D&D trivia pages, I set out to do the same for anything usable but not put out by TSR. Besides, this really got me into collecting stuff - no longer did I have to find out about all the books on my own but rather people started to mail in information on releases I had not seen before.  For various reasons (life itself, my distrust of e-Bay, painful foreign currency exchange rates, and rising prices, other hobbies...), I was rather inactive between 1999 and now.  What did/do I collect? xD&D stuff by TSR before 1994. xD&D stuff by all other publishers before circa 1994. xD&D related magazines (Dragon, Dungeon, White Dwarf, Polyhedron, Different Worlds, Dungeoneer,...) and small press fanzines (Alarums and Excursions, Wild Hunt,...). I am still looking for a lot of stuff, especially of the small press zines!  My most rare/most costly items? Original Tsojcanth, three different editions of Dwarven Glory, orange B3, D&D Fighting Wheel, Dungeoneer #3 and #6, Dragon #1-200something, White Dwarf #1-80 (originals, not reprints), APA-DuD Fanzine #1-17 (print run of 50...ever seen a copy?), Manor of Lord Alderic of Enroc, one or two Arduin card sets. And then some more stuff, my collection including magazines is at about 1,500 items.


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Post Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2003 4:15 am 

I'm an old-timer at the age of 33, and have been on since the summer of 1995.  Do you still have the ol' FAQ Brette?   :D   I remember that old ST1 that went for "only" $51 on frp.marketplace.  It seemed like a lot of money at the time... I won that guy's R series of modules for about $40 a piece, and didn't pull the trigger on ST1 because I figured other copies would turn up...  :(  who knew at the time?    Most coveted: still ST1  My personal favorite of the collection: the Grenadier "gold wizard" from those old Dragon mag ads.  Do other people have them?   Also have a tournament DM copy of R3 signed by Frank Mentzer.   I'd list B3 but it seems like everyone has one of those these days...  :lol:  Cheers...


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Post Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2003 7:37 pm 

dathon wrote: Do you still have the ol' FAQ Brette?   :D  
 Yeh its still floating around on the internet on my old old home page.... I think we all should list our entire collections, just to see how much we all have together...LOL 8O


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Post Posted: Wed Jan 15, 2003 6:12 pm 

If you want to keep a catalog of your collection online I found this interesting web page that allows you to do just that.  D&D Collection

In Pursuit of Better Worlds,
Bragi of erin


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Post Posted: Wed Jan 15, 2003 7:42 pm 

Hello, all.   I am new to D&D collecting, but not new to the game.  I started playing when I was 10, just about 23 years ago.   A few months ago, I found an old box packed with my D&D stuff.  I had lost a few of my most prized items, including my first boxed basic set, Deities and Demigods, and a bunch of figures.  I looked into replacing the stuff, and took an interest in collecting. My interests have expanded to many of the early games and makers including TSR and Guidon.  I have even won a first edition Little Wars by HG Wells, and look forward to receiving it in the next couple of days. I've already had pretty good success at collecting and have added some of the more rare items to my closet.  I appreciate this web site and you here at the forum, it has been a wealth of information, and  I look forward to adding  to its success. Dave Wiley, Indianapolis, IN.


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Post Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2003 2:33 pm 

Name: David Smith Age: 30 Location: Philadelphia, PA  I've been lurking here for a while. I used to be something of a collector, but I've had to put that on the back burner, being married with what seems like a house full of children (even though it's only two ;)). I've actually been selling off pieces of my collection here and there.  In general, I don't collect items just because they're rare but because they're playable.  The most interesting items I own (IMO) are the modules produced by The Companions back in 1983 or so. I have all of them except "Gems for Death" (and "Sacrifices to the Orc Lord" if it actually exists).  I can remember buying the complete Arduin Grimoire (I-VIII) on in 1997 or so for $72 . . . then turning around and selling it on eBay for over $200 in 1999. I think a couple of guys got a little carried away with their bidding. ;)

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