DM MAGAZINE issue 5 is out
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Post Posted: Tue Mar 02, 2004 1:26 pm 

I'm pleased to announce that the new issue of DM Magazine, the Vintage Games magazine from Italy, is out. This issue we have published an overview of Planescape; an in depth review of the Orange B3 Palace of the Silver Princess, with comparisons of the Green version; a review of AD&D's Manual of the Planes; an interview wth Marco Donadoni, famous Italian game designer; a review of Heroquest; a review of Zargo's Lords; and much more. The magazine is in Italian, but if you want just check it out please go to the URL 403 Forbidden
Please check the DM Magazine 4 directory. This is the fifth issue because we published a Special for the Lucca Games game fair, but it's the fourth one in the 'regular' series.

We would love comments, letters and articles from non Italian fans too - if they manage to understand something!  :D

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