The Cost of an Acaeum Collection
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Post Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2004 1:17 pm 

Just figured I would put this up since I was pondering what I would buy if I won the LOTO.....

Original Dungeons & Dragons (OD&D)--                                P/$2,446         VG/$3,870 M/$5,980        SW/$355

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)--        P/$91         VG/$172          M/$303        SW/$185

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D)--                                P/$343        VG/$636        M/$1,113        SW/$170

Module Titles--         P/$8,245        VG/$15,078        M/$23,346        SW/$15,316

Miscellaneous Titles--                                P/$987        VG/$1,732        M/$2,770        SW/$3,287

SR and Dragon Mags--        Baseline one copy of each up to #206                        $2,592

Dungeon Mags--        Baseline one copy of each up to #27                        $249

Polyhedron Mags--        Baseline one copy of each up to #60                        $316

Adventure Guilds--        Baseline one copy of each                                UNKNOWN (need input from group here)

Players & Imagine Mags--         Baseline one copy of each up to 1985                        $553

TOTAL FOR XD&D, Modules and Misc:--                                P/$12,112        VG/$21,488        M/$33,512        SW/$19,313

Mags:--        $3,710 to each condition
GRAND TOTAL:--         P/$15,822        VG/$25,198        M/$37,222 SW/$19,313

I need to get rough figures for the AG's. This does not include non-english publications either. The SW column is just the shell out of money for these. I didn't take the time to remove SW from Mint but you get the picture. Take into account that I have not adjusted my EXCEL database in a while but this should be damn near ACAEUM prices.

So if someone had a straight Mint Condition Acaeum collection would you be willing to sell for $37K+? 8)


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Post Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2004 4:03 pm 

Ugh.. that would be no fun.

I like finding stuff.  If I had all that stuff wrapped up in minty fresh shrink by the pallete I would not have the joy of getting a weekly/bi-weekly UPS package with some lost artifact... gently opening it up and examining each inch of it then, if it's new to me, carefully looking at the maps, reading the module/supplement and imagine using it in a game... or as an added bonus if someone included their notes from a game gone by laughing at their selection of ready spells or the sterotypically bad biography about 'Torg the Barbarian who was raised by Apes but educated by the finest philosophers and craftsmen in the land and secretly is the heir to the Kingdom of Flognard'...etc..etc..

That's why I'm in this hobby, not for the completion of the collection but for the process of completing it!

Not that... mind you.. if I had an extra 37k I wouldn't out-Burnie Burntwire and be the bane of everyone's existance until I DID have every piece of Acaeum stuff... plus more!  

Nice research though! That's an interesting number and somehow.. it seems smallish?  I don't know.. I would have thought it was over 100k with all the stuff.



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Post Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2004 12:19 am 

Somebody bought a set of AG's for $1100 on eBay about 7 months back...  in fact, it had quite a few other tourney modules and quite a few doubles, so they got themselves quite a deal, paying about $15/module average (thats only if you count that AG that was in the lot).

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