World Of Greyhawk folio Minifigs flyer
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Post Posted: Tue Feb 03, 2004 5:12 pm 

I recently got a 5th print of the WoG folio and it came with a promotional flyer for "Fantasy Figures by Minifigs.  Aproved by TSR for use with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons"

It's single sheet of paper printed on both sides and the same size as the Gazetteer.  There are 60 figures/sets listed each with a price and a note of their WoG setting e.g. Vale of the Mage, Iuz, etc.

I don't have one of these with my 2nd and 4th prints and was wondering if I have lost them, they only came with the 5th and later printings, or it was added by the original owner.

Any ideas?


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Post Posted: Tue Feb 03, 2004 7:43 pm 

Hi John---

My first printing folio used to have one, but like a bonehead I tossed it many years ago ;)  

IIRC, they came with most of the printings, or at least the ones during which the GH Minifigs line was in production.  For details on the figure line, see  I thought that Minifigs stopped GH production around 82/83 or so, but I can't recall and google's being fickle today ;)  

FWIW, some of the GH line of figures were molds that had been previously issued under different lines by Minifigs, and then moved into the WoG line to help round it out....

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Post Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2004 12:28 pm 

My 1st printing had a Minifigs flyers as well; I think they were in all of the folio printings.  The list (sometimes not fully extended to the end of the line) can also be found in early issues of Dragon.

I'm pretty sure the Greyhawk figures ceased production sometime in late 1982 (or at least, stores ran out by then); I remember coming across a pile of overstock that was being sold at a flea market in Colorado Springs in the summer of 1983, and how happy I was to find them because I hadn't seen any since the school year before.   Also the WoG boxed set of 1983 didn't have a flyer or a miniatures line to support it.

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