URGENT:  All members PLEASE READ - Looking for someone!!!
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Post Posted: Fri Dec 19, 2003 9:45 am 

Hello All--

 Well, I know that this is going to be a LONGSHOT....but, I am looking for the guy that I sold sent a BUNCH of MERP stuff to a few years ago!!

 This was about 3 years ago!!

ANY HELP or ANY LEADS would be greatly appreicated!!
Maybe you know this guy??
It was a HUGE lot of MERP modules most were NM or in the SW!!!
It was a bulk deal, and I think I sold it for around $300.00.

It was shipped to the person via UPS international air.

I cannot remember who it was to, but I MUST get in touch with that person!!!
It is a matter of GREAT IMPORTANCE!!!!!

All I remember, is that it was sold to a guy, somewhere in the UK!!!

I am not looking to buy it, or anything else.....I have a records problem and I need to get the UPS Tracking and shipping info from that person....or the name, so I can track it that way.  (I need name, date, address, etc....)

I know this is WEIRD.....trust me, I know it seems that way, but I am a VERY RESPECTABLE dealer/collector/reseller, that has been here since the BEGINNING of this board!!

MY NAME:  Christopher Roseman  
aka Estra Zo
aka Rogue's Gallery
aka Riftvalleyman

Those are the ones I am most known by!!
Most people should know me around here and can vouch for me!!

I was either living at:

12004 Rotherham Drive
Austin, TX 78753


107 Winchester Drive
Bergheim, TX 78004


Boerne, TX 78006

If YOU are the person that bought this from me....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me ASAP!!!

I am sorry for the wasted bandwidth....but I MUST find this person!!
Please email me at:  [email protected]

If you are the guy....or you MIGHT even know the guy I am talking about!!

I hope I can find this person!!!
It is VERY IMPORTANT....I will explain the whole situation to that person, when they contact me!!  (has NOTHING to do with them!!!)

Thanks in advance!!!

Chris Roseman  
Phone:  210.520.1184
San Antonio, Texas

1st Edition AD&D purist. Come on, when you think about it, is there really anything else?!


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Post Posted: Sat Dec 27, 2003 2:36 am 

Wow... Sounds like there's got to be an interesting story there.

I can't help you directly but I'm pretty sure that UPS would have your records available if you were the sender.  For all kinds of liability reasons they would keep records in case, for example, it turned out someone was using UPS to send drugs or other illegal things to people.

It's often how they catch folks who buy 'pirate' cable receivers.

It's not something that you can just go online and do, you'll probably have to convince UPS to do the work for you but you could probably (possibly) get every record of everything you've ever shipped through them.  

Especially if you shipped overseas since there has to be a customs record involved.

Good luck... Would love to hear that story!


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