David Sutherland TSR INDUSTRIES Original Art
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Post Posted: Wed Jan 14, 2004 4:03 am 

burntwire wrote:Here is a list of the 'original art'. The first 4 were intended for the Monster Manual but weren't used for one reason or another. Most are Ink/Pencil on 8 1/2"x11" paper. Maybe a dozen are worthy of posting.

What about letters and other TSR documents? I'm really curious  :wink:


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Post Posted: Wed Jan 14, 2004 7:38 pm 

Most of the lot was Dragonlance related stuff(photocopies of art with hand written notes). There was also 25 pages of Wargaming related  from Sutherlands personal games(he is refered to as Dey of Tunis).

Hand written descriptions of miniatures(for artists or sculpters?):
-Cat-Man in Cavalier dress
-Wererat in armor
-Super-Orc Fighter

Also photocopied drawings with notes for miniatures:
-Hobbits (2 different)
-Ogre-magi (5 different)
-Evil Magic-User
-Type I Demon
-Type IV Demon

Studies of different races photocopies HW notes:
-Half-Orc and Human
-Human Female
-Elf Male
-Elf Female
-Half-Elf Male
-Half-Elf Female
-Human, Half-Orc, Half Elf

Legions of the Petal Throne:
-Typed Letter from "Phil" on University of Minnesota letterhead to Sutherland
-4 Pages of game notes on Patch Press letterhead

Possible game design notes?(not D&D):
-3 pages HW

Miniature Inventory Lists(Sutherland):
-2 pages HW

Technical Info(Printing):
-3 pages (2 HW, 1 on TSR letterhead)

GenCon Memos:
-Interoffice Memo on TSR letterhead from Skip Williams  RE:GenCon work assignments  Aug.11, 1983
-Sutherlands schedule of work at GenCon 16 with HW notes
-4 pages of Sutherlands GenCon 16 Judges Pack with events he ran (HW notes)
-5 page computer printout titled "Put a Little Death Into Your Painting" by Jeanne McGuire(painting undead miniatures)

1 page of monster stats HW on TSR letterhead(from a campaign?)

-2 page list of all Krynn races & characters
-HW notes about Draconians, Dragonlords, Armor, etc.
-large stack of pages of photo copied art with HW notes(range from module covers, calenders, Dragon Highlords, Draconians, saddle for Dragons and the Dragonlance itself, etc, etc, etc)

Not quite as much "info" as I had hoped, but some cool original art and a glimpse of how the TSR art dept. worked.


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