I'm trying to complete a couple of boxed sets. Help?please..
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Post Posted: Sun Nov 30, 2003 5:25 am 


There I was, standing over a stack of boxed sets that had just come in to the store that I frequent...and look!  The North, Ruins of Zhentil Keep, and Spellbound...just sitting there, for ten bucks each.  I love that store.

Anyway, of course when I got them home and opened them up (they were taped shut, presumably by the previous owner) stuff is missing! Dang I hate that.  The store is great for finding stuff, but they don't specialize in this sort of thing, so it's hit and miss.

Here's what I'm needing, and thanks for taking the time for looking over my post.

Night Below- I'm missing the monstrous compendium booklet from it, and the first of the player's handout sheets (with Player Handout 1 & 2)
As far as the player's handout sheet, I'd love even just a photocopy mailed in an envelope,it is just for my own use so I can run this for my group,  I could send a SASE if need be)

The North- I think this is missing a foldout map.  On the back of the box it says "Two Poster Maps- Full-color sheets showing the entire environs of the North.  On the reverse side is a map of the town of Daggerford, plus an extensive set of random encounter tables."  What I have in the box is one 2-sided poster map, one side showing the coast, ten-towns, and other areas, and the other side showing Daggorford with a very well laid out map key, but no "random encounter table."  Is the back of the box a misprint, or am I missing something?

Spellbound- Missing the two maps of the region.  Only has the map of the capital of Thay.  

If anyone can help me, or at least maybe point me in a direction, I would appreciate it very much.  I'm currently just starting a campaign in the Realms, and would love to be able to use all of this stuff.  


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