Miska the Wolf Spider is dead!
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Post Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2007 9:19 pm 

Hi Everybody,

Thought you might enjoy the recap of my gaming group's last session.  We have been gaming our way thru The Rod of Seven Parts box set.  This last session we finished.  Enjoy.  And by the way, I'm the dwarf.

After spending a brief time refitting, the party got back to following the pull of the Rod and soon found themselves in a stretch of the Kingdom of Iuz that was desolate even by that region's standards. The Rod had lead them to what was apparently the remains of a building that had fallen to rubble centuries ago; nothing stood higher than the dried grasses except a few surviving fence posts around the perimeter. The Rod seemed to be pointing toward two of these posts, the two most intact which also just so happened to be the two nearest one another. These each held one rusted remnant of an old gate. However, on bringing the Rod close to them, they restored themselves to their original condition and became a large, ornate iron gate, through which could be seen a temple done up in classic Bram Stoker, complete with the full moon overhead and the sound of a wolf off in the distance. Symbols of Hextor, god of tyranny and oppression, were prominently incorporated in to the architecture. The party entered the gate, passing from daylight and rubble to moonlight and creepy, and decided it might be wise to reconnoiter before entering. However, on nearing a small graveyard to the side of the temple, a wraith rose from the ground and informed them that "Ulthuat and Deitricht are waiting for you inside."

Not wanting to be rude, the party entered the temple. Décor-wise, it was a queer eye nightmare. Absolutely no furniture of any sort, just a great big empty hall with two rows of blood-splattered pillars leading up to an empty dais. Well, not completely empty. Deitricht and Ulthuat stood there, the former a man dressed in plate armor covered in symbols of Hextor who had clearly been dead for centuries, and the latter a pit fiend who clearly knew just how bad ass pit fiends are. Ulthuat pulled the sixth segment of the Rod from his belt & told the party they could have it on two conditions: 1) they had to swear that after leaving this place, they would proceed immediately to Pandemonium to face Miska, and 2) they had to prove that they were worthy to wield the Rod against Miska by first defeating Deitricht.

The party agreed and Deitrictht got things started by surrounding the knight and the duskblade with a blade barrier and moving out of range of the dwarf's stubby-legged charge. The duskblade merely spider-climbed her way around the blade barrier, but the knight won mad props from Ulthuat by walking right through it. After that, Deithricht's combination of damage reduction, spell resistance, and immunity to both cold  and electricity went a long way in seriously pissing the party off, but they eventually managed to beat him to dust regardless. True to his end of the bargain, Ulthuat gave them the sixth segment and even offered to allow them to rest and recover spells and hit points before moving on. He also allowed them to loot Deithricht's corpse, stating that although his job was to test potential Champoin's of Law, Deithricht's job was to acquire the Rod for himself to be used in the name of Hextor. In short, Ulthuat had done his duty, while Deithricht had failed his. Hextor isn't too keen on failures, so the lich's possessions were free for the taking.

While looting the corpse, the bard inquired why the pit fiend seemed so casual about giving them the sixth segment of the Rod, and the pit fiend answered simply that either way it goes for them, he wins. If they defeat Miska, then a demon lord who, at full strength, is greater even than Demogorgon has been destroyed. And Ulthuat gets the credit for securing the champions who did that deed. If Miska kills the party, he restarts the war of Law against Chaos. But times have changed. The forces of Chaotic Good will fight against Miska because of his complete evil-ness. Which means that Miska's only allies are the slaads. So if Hell doesn't even join the war at all, Miska is still outnumbered three armies against two. Meanwhile, all the forces of the Abyss are diverted in to this war, leaving them at a distinct disadvantage in the Blood War fought between demons and devils. And again, Ulthuat gets credit for being the one responsible for this shift in power.

This was not quite the "because I believe in you" pep talk that the party had hoped for, but it was as good as it was going to get. So, rested and healed, they headed out of this little pocket dimension to face their fate. Ulthuat went out with them (the Rod is the only thing that allows passage in to or out of this demiplane, and having completed his duty, he'd like to head back home), tossing the lich's phylactery back in to the temple before leaving.

Outside, they were greeted by Arquistaan and four other Wind Dukes they had not met before. These were introduced as the last surviving champions of the Battle of Pesh, four of those who fought alongside the original wielder of the Rod. They cannot aid the Rod wielder (the dwarf) directly, but they can aid his associates. Toward that end, they loaned them a number of grossly overpowered weapons and armor intended to maximize their particular strengths while also upping their armor class enough that they stand a hope in hell of withstanding up to 12 attacks per round with an attack bonus of +26.

Arquestaan whisked them off to Miska's prison in Pandemonium, where they soon saw that the field of Law surrounding it and keeping Miska in place had been ruptured. The party hopped inside and were quickly surrounded by hundreds of spyder fiends, but just as quickly they realized that these fiends posed no immediate threat. They moved out of the way whichever way the party went, and soon enough, they found a chamber laid out exactly like the temple, but with the final Rod segment (complete with pre-drawn runes) on the dais instead of a devil and a lich.

Just as the piece clicked in to place, the door burse open and the Wolf Spider himself burst in. Two blade barriers go up, partially separating the party and limiting their movement options before anybody closes for combat. In the first round of melee, the duskblade gets brought down below half hit points and the dwarf gets smacked so hard he cries, 'screw this hero crap" and runs sissy-like to the opposite side of the room. Miska catches up to him two rounds later (after the bard and the dragon shaman had both gotten to him to provide some much-needed healing) to resume the punishment. However, after so many centuries of being imprisoned in his weakened state, his desire for the Rod got the best of him and he made a poor choice. Dropping one of his weapons, he made a grab for the Rod (without first softening the dwarf up with the eight other melee attacks he was capable of that round). Not having the Improved Disarm feat, this prompted an attack of opportunity from the dwarf who, demonstrating an innate aptitude for dramatic timing, rolled a natural 20 and then confirmed the critical. The resultant damage brought Miska down to single-digit hit points, and the party were treated with the rather disturbing scene of his blood oozing from his chest and soaking in to the Rod while at the same time energy from the Rod flowed in to Miska. Whether it was killing him or restoring him was unclear, but the dragon shaman wasn't going to just sit and watch and hope it was killing. With a blast of icy breath augmented by the Cloak of Winter, Miska's heart blood froze in the Rod, causing it to crack and shatter within Miska's chest. The resultant explosion left everyone covered is frosty black ichor and feeling an odd combination of exaltation and grossed out.

Arquistaan arrived on his wind chariot to return the party to the material plane before the horde of spyder fiends burst through to devour them. Back in the real world, the party now have officially become heroes, with the pros and cons that go with it. Pro side: the party will forever after be recognized by all Lawful outsiders as being Champions of Law. On the Con side, they now are marked by the Scarlet Brotherhood for having destroyed the Rod, and will likely spend the rest of their lives dealing with occasional assassination attempts.

8000 xp (story reward and killing Miska)


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Post Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2007 5:25 pm 

nice story mart - great game i bet!!! :)


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