Shady Dealers
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Post Posted: Thu Mar 31, 2022 3:40 am 

I'd say publicly outing the seller for failing to honour the sale agreement on all the available platforms. Posts on FB and the various forums and an e-mail to the seller telling them where they can publicly defend their actions would work. If really depends how pissed you are at losing maybe $40, or if we're talking $100 here. And then it all depends on how much the seller gives a F about you or their other customers. If it's a big company with a good rep, they might. If it's one particular big name store, they won't give a flying F what anyone thinks of them. The integrity left that company, and the current management are horrifical immoral.

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Post Posted: Wed Apr 06, 2022 7:54 pm 

jeffsea wrote in Shady Dealers:I have a question.

Are there any tried and true strategies for overcoming seller's remorse on ebay?

I got a absolute deal about 5 days ago on ebay on a buy it now listing. Immediately paid. 4 days later seller cancels. and listed the reason for cancellation as "Buyer asked to cancel or issue with buyer's address".  That is all nonsense. I didn't ask to cancel, and I've made multiple purchases from this seller previously with no delivery snags. I make lots of other ebay purchases from all kinds of other sellers too.

I suspect seller's remorse as there are two versions of the book, and the listing was priced more in line with the less valuable version, when it was the more valuable version up for sale.  I netted about a 40% discount, or would have, if the deal had gone thru.  This is all speculation on my part as to their reasoning.

The seller is one of the big resellers with multiple tens of thousands of transactions and feedback, not an average joe selling off an old personal collection.  When I reached out to them after the cancellation, I have been getting bounced around by mulitple reps from their custome service department.. so definitely not a mom and pop.

do I have any levers to exert any influence on them to go thru with the cancelled sale?

Does their company name rhyme with Kobol Fight?


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Post Posted: Wed Apr 06, 2022 9:36 pm 

I had an online seller cancel once, it was a while ago - might have been Troll & Toad and an early White Dwarf but it’s hazy…

But I also clicked a great BIN deal on one of those China-based sellers when the spoofed listings just started and got my refund no sweat. So I figure I’m even… and I should know better if it’s too good to be true :)

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Post Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2022 11:04 am 

jeffsea wrote in Shady Dealers:Ok, I am in mid stink raising mode already, so we will see how it goes.



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Post Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2022 8:54 pm 

mordrin wrote in Shady Dealers:



I see now they defeated me with BS and slowwalking the issue, as it had kind of slipped my mind.

One customer service rep passing it off to another, then promising to research the matter further

Next promising to move it up to a manager

Then promising they would try to see if it was "possible" to find me another copy to replace the one gone missing, but it might take some time... and a manager would get back to me further with a resolution...

I fell for it.  I am now going off to take another shot at it.

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Post Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2022 12:30 am 

This reminds me a similar episode i had more than 10 year ago with the "koboldflight" reseller... They listed a Gaz8 (five shires) for a ridiculous BIN (it was approx 2 bucks)... That was clearly a typo! It happended to me the same with the only difference that i never got a reply to my numerous messages...
In a nutshell, the seller can decide even when the auction is done what he wants... There are no levers...

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Post Posted: Mon May 30, 2022 8:06 am 

I've had issues with SheWolf listings before.
Here is a new one for a Palace of the Vampire Queen, which does not state that this is a 2nd printing. Pretty major omission if you ask me, even though it is still a rare.

** eBay auction listing blocked by The Acaeum.  Seller is on our blacklist **

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