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Post Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2020 5:00 am 

mbassoc2003 wrote in Shady Dealers:Hurts the hobby of D&D or hurts the hobby of Collecting?
I do agree that unless the module is labelled as a reprint, then it could be interpreted as misleading, but as far as I'm aware there isn't anything that says you have to label legitimately purchased and printed products as being in any way fake or not legitimate products.
That's a problem for educating collectors, and will probably result in a lot of collectors finding out that they have bought reprints, but the obligation is on the collector to research and find out what they are collecting. In fact that's a lot of the draw towards collecting for me.
If a buyer makes a few $20 mistakes or overpays $50 for a reprint they could have commissioned themselves a lot cheaper, then they learn, but I made substantially greater mistakes in the early years of my collecting career, and I suspect many of us have. SO I don't think collectors will be put off. I think they'll learn quickly enough.
As for playing, anything that gets product into the hands of players I think is a good thing.
Possibly the presence of reprints lowers the price of common collectables, but the rares are rare and I don't think they'll be harmed.
Wait until you get high quality minty woodgrains flooding the market at $100 a pop.

Surprisingly PODs and PDFs actually help the collectable part of the hobby. One of the things about the PODs is that they are lower quality. Everything in a POD is bound together, maps are cut into page sections, sometimes to the point of uselessness. The binding quality can vary greatly.

The point is that the selling of PODs at collector prices is a scam, allowed or not, but the misrepresentation of PODs as originals is fraud. Reprints help the hobby, scams hurt it.

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Post Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2020 9:01 am 

I'm surprised that the POD is giving a boost to the collectables market.
I do know that the presence of PDFs has opened my eyes to the likes of Swordfish Islands, which I'm in the market for provided they are the original prints, and not POD.
And possibly a few other products that I have become aware of, also. But it's a minefield to navigate when you can't actually touch the product, and the 9 times out of 10 the seller hasn't got a clue if it's original, with the new stuff.

As for the old (vintage) stuff, misrepresentation only really happens when the seller says this is a genuine original and not a reprint. If that assumption is made by the buyer, through naivety or ignorance, then the seller has not misrepresented or mislead anyone. I don't even see it as lying by omission, because he has no obligation to assume ignorance on the part of the buyer. I'd like to think I wouldn't buy a book thinking I was buying an original and find I had bought a POD copy, hence my nervousness about buying hardcopies of PDFs I thing are worth buying, but if I do, and provided the seller has not misrepresented what he is selling, I would be inclined to chalk it up to my own ignorance and learn from the experience.

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Post Posted: Thu Oct 22, 2020 1:10 pm 

JasonZavoda wrote in Shady Dealers:
I  think all this pod reprint selling is a nasty scam that hurts the hobby.

This seller seems to be clearly describing their POD items as reprints, both in the title and description, although the item shown here does not, so maybe this is a new, more transparent approach.  I don't have an issue with re-selling the POD items, as long as they are described accurately. That is a pretty big caveat, I admit, and as collectors we need to be watchful for stuff that is not the genuine article, and this makes it a little bit harder.



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Post Posted: Fri Dec 11, 2020 9:03 am 

Adding in this thread as well at the suggestion of a more experienced member.

Seller heracleides (mentioned in an earlier thread here as well) is back to selling fakes of (primarily zines) from Traveller and other systems. ... p;_fosrp=1 Jerry Sanders out of Apache Junction, AZ but answers messages as Paul for what it's worth.

The Oracle set at least was confirmed as stolen content by the owner (issue 6 only existed in a post-original version sold through kickstarter a few years ago). In the items I returned at least one came with a CD/RW copy of the zine.


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Post Posted: Sun Dec 20, 2020 3:38 pm 

vinylgeneration - if you look at it on eBay with PC, it says reprint right at the top and says how it's made. Don't like it, assume the IP holder doesn't either but...

trollxgames - if those are reprints, that's 'all in' shady. Fire Away!!!


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Post Posted: Wed Apr 14, 2021 6:45 pm 


Bought a boot hill supposedly new from these guys.  Showed up in a pancaked box, all the corners destroyed, poor-fair condition.   Wrote, sent pics, was offered $10 refund.
Could have been honest mistake....Until you look at all their D&D listings.  Everything they sell is Brand New....

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Don't buy cards from them either.  Their feedback is rampant with claims of resealed packs and fraudulent boxes.



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Post Posted: Sun May 09, 2021 11:58 pm 

I found this board because I did a Google search for "jastner ebay" because of the hostile messages and strange demands (a "generous partial refund" or a full return) I'm receiving from that seller saying that I listed a fraudulent item when in fact I take detailed photographs of what I sell and what damage is present. A gut feeling told me to do a search because the messages seemed out of the blue and rude, and I've had nothing but good experience on eBay until this. The items I listed are 20+ years old, gifted to me by a friend who played in the 90s, and have only been used by this friend and myself. I receive a message from jastner saying that the item he received is not as described, and in fact has damage to the spine that wasn't present when I listed it or sent it. He never asked for further photos or clarification before bidding, and got increasingly belligerent when I offered a 20% partial refund and eventually offered a full return, telling me I'm listing fraudulent items and unprofessional. Honestly, it felt like projection. I sent two reports to eBay after finding out jastner is the selling account of intelligator and asked eBay to look into other instances of demanding partial refunds for items on his buying account before listing them on his selling account. I will also be blocking both accounts from purchasing from me in the future.

Immediate demands of partial refunds and claims of my fraudulent activity set off warning bells, and it was a relief and a surprise to see that there were instances of this behavior from this buyer/seller documented here on this forum, so thank you. I feel like this buyer is trying to get the item for much less than he paid for (all in all, including shipping, the manual was $24) in order to sell it for double or triple the price on his selling account. I will be initiating the return and blocking the seller once I receive the item back in my possession, but I also figure that this needs to be addressed again in case others are having similar issues.

If anyone has any suggestions or information regarding jastner/intelligator's behavior on eBay regarding the buying and selling of items in ways similar to this more recently than the posts from 2007 or 2008 or what I can also do with eBay to rectify this as I have never had an issue like this before, please let me know!


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Post Posted: Mon May 10, 2021 9:28 am 

Back in 2012 this was said, in part, about Intelligator in this thread:
wargames-east wrote in Shady Dealers:I'm not sure if the Joeknows93 ID is still functional or not, but ebay is looking into it.  That I know because I reported him for making threats and wild statements about me, Intelligator, Guido the gypsie, jastner, that guy todd who has the huge amazon and ebay presence and the cool website, and many others.  He was pretty much attacking everyone who sells AD&D stuff.  He considers himself a player and alsways insists that the condition of his life is the fault of others.  He alwasy has a sob story to motivate people to pay for his auctions for him, and of course he'll send you the money or do something in trade.  He is good for it for a while, then when he figures he can maximize his profit . . . he screws you over.

Other posts regarding Intelligator have commented on his excellent packing and prompt service.  I've never personally bought from him myself.  Maybe he takes advantage of sellers/buyers with low eBay feedback scores?  :?

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Post Posted: Mon May 10, 2021 10:20 am 

benjoshua wrote in Shady Dealers:Back in 2012 this was said, in part, about Intelligator in this thread:

Other posts regarding Intelligator have commented on his excellent packing and prompt service.  I've never personally bought from him myself.  Maybe he takes advantage of sellers/buyers with low eBay feedback scores?  :?

Ive never sold to him, but I’ve bought several items from him in the past and I always had a very positive experience.  Sounds like there’s a stark difference between his customer and seller demeanors

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Post Posted: Mon May 10, 2021 10:44 am 

I have noticed a theme of people being good when selling, but arseholes when buying and trying to scam refunds, partial or full for “missold” items or items not delivered

With eBay 99.9% of the time siding with the buyer, it’s a huge loophole for abuse.

Everything I sell, I send tracked with a signature the other end. It’s about £2 more in cost, but beyond the odd one who has claimed it’s damaged on arrival, I’ve had no list sales as a result. I’ve seen many people who send it without any proof of delivery then lose out though

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