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Post Posted: Mon Nov 03, 2003 6:02 am 

I have just returned from the convention I wrote a topic about and I must say I am extremely tired, but happy. It was a GREAT convention with an amazing number of fans (my reasoned guess is 40,000 visitors). Our distinguished US guests were very happy, for the sales (especially Larry Elmore that almost sold out all his products within Saturday!) and for the enthusiasm and admiration they perceived. Jamie Chambers of Sovereign Press, still not a very recognized name here, was greeted and met with much warmth by Italian fans ("He is an author of Dragonlance D&D book? Great! Let's ask him an autograph!!") and he was very open, appreciative and generally a truly nice guy: he had endless photo sessions (you know, the ones where you stand near the star and a friend makes the photo...) and he always had a smile and a friendly face for everyone. I talked with him a lot in the hotel hall (albeit his accent was so strong to give me some problems in understanding everything he said...). Unfortunately I hadn't the occasion to talk with Larry Elmore face to face in such a relaxed situation (I supposed that at the dinner he preferred relaxing so I stayed away... :wink: ), but I bought (at 35 euros!!!) a print of the Basic Set illustration and I was going to buy the Clip Art CD when I discovered it was sold out ("We brought along only a few" they told me at the booth - perhaps they supposed Italian fans where not particularly computer - oriented...). Anyway, I lent the entire Snarfquest miniature series (well painted) for the display and the entire DL original series, along the DragonLance Atlas. I had a copy of the D&D Basic Set in Italian (that got a nice autograph from Elmore, albeit despite my repeated Italian lessons  :D  someway he managed to transform my name from CIRO to CILO  :? ) to sign - now it has Gygax autograph and Elmore's too - now Frank Mentzer and David Arneson are still missing, but within due time... :wink: Margaret Weis was present too, albeit just Friday, but she was always flooded with fans and always kind, smiling and very friendly with anybody showing at Sovereign press booth. This face to face meeting showed me (and many thousands of other fans) once again that Americans are very nice people and, albeit some US moron sometimes asks me if Italy is 'safe' for Americans (just avoid foreign policy please  :!: ), they always appreciate their time here. Oh, I sold a lot of Classic D&D stuff here!!!

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