Keeping track of one's collection
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Post Posted: Tue May 22, 2007 9:27 am 

PM-Knight wrote:Hello All,

I started this task a few weeks ago, as I started losing track & bid on or even worse, won items I had already acquired. I used Excel, which I love and work with all the time . . .sorry :roll:  So, I thought you guys might like a tip or two to save some time. I did not want to type all of the items, so I went to the Acaeum site with the list of items and then Copied & Pasted them into Excel. This takes a few minutes for all the categories.

Now the problem is (. BLAH . BLAH . BLAH .) Now you have a nice clean list of items and you can delete the junk to the left.

If people want, I could email or post ( :?: ) this Excel file here, as I could just make a copy with the names. It unfortunately does not include Boxed Sets, as there was no list that I could find. If people want this, please let me know how I can make it available for everyone.

Hope this Helps & Happy Easter,

I know that this took awhile, due to my RL delays and some problems with AT&T not allowing me to send files to Foul, but at long last here is simple Excel file with several tabs. There is a MASTER sheet with all items, plus separate tabs for Accessories, Books & Sets, Modules, and Rares. The only columns are Codes & Titles, but this is enough to get started keeping track of inventory, but may not be robust enough for active traders. It works well for collectors though, as you can sort by code or title and you can even find an item by using Ctrl-F and typing the code or title or whatever you want to search for. The columns to the right are up to you to use (Prices, Conditions, Quantity for horders :P , etc.)

I truly hope this helps some people and if I create a more robust version, I will see if Foul would be kind enough to update it :wink:

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