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Poll: If you were me, which of the following modules would you next acquire?  What is essential?

A) A-series (Slave Lords, A1-4) 3%       3%  [ 1 ]
B) G1-2-3/D1-3/Q1 71%       71%  [ 22 ]
C) S3 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks 13%       13%  [ 4 ]
D) WG5 Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure 6%       6%  [ 2 ]
E) Other (please specify and sell me on it :) 6%       6%  [ 2 ]
Total votes : 31


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Post Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2007 11:18 pm 

bbarsh wrote:I am just echoing the crowd, but you do need to get the GDQ series. Although, I absolutley despise Q1.

S3 is excellent and also is a requirement for any AD&D module collection.

And since no one else will do it...Get the A-series. I am not exactly sure how anyone can say they are railroady compared to the GD series. Please. They are linear, but they were tournament scenarios afterall.
Both series are extremely linear. But that is their nature.

The A series had (or has) several excellent and original encounters in each module, and new monsters. A4 is simply a blast.

Oh...yes...definitely get the A series.

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Post Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2007 11:19 pm 

G1-2-3 Against The Giants
What can I say but one of the best of the classic adventures.  Haven't tried "Against The Giants, The Liberation Of Geoff" but it might be another way to get this series.

GDQ1-7 Queen Of The Spiders
Get them all at once!  The D & Q adventures can be challenging for the players and the DM though.  Never had a party that went the whole way.  They either chickened out or died trying.

T1-4 Temple Of Elemental Evil
I've run this one three times and it's always a favorite.  Be prepared to spend a lot of time playing this, but it's worth it!  If the players survive, and play smart, they will be a force to be reckoned with.

A1-4 Scourge Of The Slavelords
Excellent adventures and you get to beat up those nasty slavelords in the end, or maybe not...

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