Best RPG product, & what product do you WISH for?
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sleepyCO wrote:
Rats--I'd forgotten about Cloudy Mountain :oops: ; I still have it too--both Cloudy Mountain and the other one (which name escapes me).  One of the collections of Intellivision has that game, but under another name (due to copyright rules).

Treasure of Tarmin.  :)    Actually not too long ago someone over on Dragonsfoot posted this link:

this site has three different downloads for old intellivision games as well as an Intellivision Emulator.  On Game Pack Number 3 is a game called, "Minotaur" which is actually "Treasure of Tarmin" under its originally developed name.  Because of the IP rights still being held by WotC, they can not offer this game free under it original title, but they can offer it for free under the original game creators name without running into any legal entaglements.  Let me tell you its certainly worth the download. :wink:

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