record price?
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Post Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2007 10:44 am 

I don't think that Brian's BIN price should be counted but I don't see any reason to not to include the price that the set did not sell for when Brian tried to sell it.  All the information was presented in the auction, it was well advertised, etc.  Just because it didn't sell due to a reserve price doesn't mean it isn't a fair valuation.


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Post Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2007 11:15 am 

Beyondthebreach wrote:Actually Deimos, maybe that is something others will change, but BIN prices were always used and only eliminated if they were patently absurd (usually this applied only to extremely low priced BINS)

My understanding was that including BINs was more of an exception than the rule, but maybe I'm mistaken.  The definition of what constitutes a patently absurd BIN is one of the reasons we have a VB, I suppose! ;)

Anyway, my main point was that they discuss this stuff behind the scenes; they're more than a simple algorithm mindlessly tabulating data.  There's no guarantee that a particular sale will be included in the valuations for a variety of reasons.

To be clear:  I didn't intend on stepping on any toes.  Discussion of what should/shouldn't be included I leave to those presently charged with the task.  8)

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