later print of Monster Manual
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Post Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2007 1:29 pm 

I'm finally getting round to bagging and identifying each print run in my collection.

One item I've come across doesn't quite meet the "official" descriptions for the Monster Manual.  On first glance it matches an 8th print

Angled TSR logo  - Yes
Cover art is of a red dragon fighting a pegasus  - Yes
Orange spine - Yes
ISBN above a UPC bar code on the rear cover center; and the price ($15.00) is in the lower right corner  (though a copy has been reported without the price).  - This is a copy without the price.
Still says "4th Edition, August 1979" on the copyright page - Yes
Last page is blank, other than an Angled TSR logo - Yes

In Addition:

There is a product code underneath the ISBN and above the bar code.  As the product number contains the price, I surmise that this came before the 8th print as described above.  Comments?

There is a sticker 0-88038-052-7 that is over (I can just make it out) a number 2009XXX73aa - where aa are two digits I can't quite read.  The 0-88038 is part of an ISBN used in the 1980's.

Gary H. Kramer

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