Pricing Ethics (split from Shady Dealers)
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Post Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2007 12:03 pm 

Sea-to-sky-games wrote:
But then worth is not subjective, but rather an objective truth that is self-evident to everyone.

Again, I'm not saying that the market can't be used the gauge the value of something (by looking at the market price) for purposes of insurance, replacement, legal reasons or whatever. In fact, I find the pricing guide at Acaeum to be quite useful.

But when I make a choice to buy, they are based on my own valuations... After all, the market is to reflect the sum of individual valuations and then loosely translate these into a price.

Price and value are two different things. In fact, price will always be lower than actual value.

To try to put a close on my side of the discussion, and so as to not further along poor Kosh's descent into alcoholism ... =)

What your doing Sea is defining generalities using absolutes.  Which basically is like flying a kite with no wind.  To sum up what your saying, in general, price and coummunal worth are guages that vary and influence personal value which is the absolute.   Which is not true.  But rather just the opposite.

Personal value has nothing to do with true value other than to be a factor in its measure.  Why, because personal value is not just about the item.  You are putting emphasis on not just the item but other factors.  I think at this point you know what I am saying and you might be arguing just to argue (or troll just to troll hehehe *wink*).

Most people here I think understand what I am saying to one degree or another.  Now I am by no means espousing my opinion (and thats what it is opinion) as absolute truth.   It is mearly a collection of thought based on years of experience in the market, mainly as a HB/rare book collector.

Btw....I was going to post in that signature thread but I will just mention here....there are a few really good websites to verify well known author signatures but I am sure you have googled those.  For todays current authors...take a digital picture, go to the authors website or fansite forums, post it and give as much info as possible about where/when the sig was aquired, and they will help you.  If that fails, most major metropolitan areas have rare book stores.  Take the time and get to know the dealer, they will help you.  If all else fails, talk to your local librarian.  You may be suprised how much they can help sometimes, but its a crap shoot.

In closing though you also said "price will always be lower than actual value."   Which also is not true and you know it =)  There are any number of reasons someone might overpay for something that have nothing to do with the item.  Again, actual value and price have no direct < or > correlation.

Kosh....put the beer down!

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