Am I becoming a D&D Luddite?
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Post Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2003 5:04 pm 

Howdy, guys!

Long time no hear.  I've been busy with overtime at work and haven't had much of a chance to read or post.

I've been playing in a 3D&D campaign for the past year or so, and I have some observations about the new system I wanted to pass by you "old timers":

- level advancment is too fast.  In less than a year, playing on average twice a month, our characters have gone from 1st to around 8th level.

- renaming of spells.  Why did they do this?  After 20+ years with the old names, I'm having trouble figuring out what a spell is, merely because they gave it a flashy new name.

- screw job on 2 ed. to 3 ed. conversions.  Have you tried to do the official conversion to 3rd ed. for multiclass characters?  Talk about getting ripped off.

- v3.5?  So soon already?  Why the need to publish $50+ worth of books so soon after the release of the 3rd ed. books?

Maybe I'm being too harsh.  I do like some of the changes made in 3D&D, but for some reason I just haven't "warmed up" to the new edition.  I guess after playing the game for so many years, it seems like a different game to me.  Am I becoming a gaming Luddite?   8O

On a non-related topic, do y'all have any new revelations about the old gaming stuff I should know about?  Bought any cool things lately?


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Post Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2003 1:29 pm 

I've been playing in a 3e campaign since it came out.  When 3.5 came out, we were upset at some of the changes that weren't done.  So we went back to 2e.  The most glaring difference between the two editions was the lack of excitment when leveling.  After playing 3e, leveling is a lot of fun.  New abilities, new feats, skill points, etc.  Leveling in 2e...hit points.  Granted, we were pretty high level, but we didn't have much of anything to look forward to.  So, we went back to 3e, but kept some things from 2e, mainly combat stuff.  Weapon speeds, new initiative each round, etc.  We've been having a blast again.

Another problem we had was that we were too powerful for the monsters at the level that we were supposed to be fighting.  Our DM fixed it by just increasing hit points and such.

I will say this, we were worried about fast advancment.  But, our DM just adjusted things so that we moved at whatever rate he wanted us to move at.

With an old school DM, 3e can be just as fun if not more fun.  You get the glitz and flash of 3e, but the old school feeling.  As with any RPG, a good DM makes all the difference.



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Post Posted: Tue Oct 14, 2003 2:13 am 

Well said Rhea!  I've been playing in a 3.35e game set in Greyhawk's Wild Coast, and am loving it!  Like Rhea, we have a good DM and good players, so we're enjoying the setting, plots, machinations, etc.

We've been playing for about 3 weeks of game time, which is about about six or seven months of real time (with games two or three times per month).  We started at 3rd level, and our single-class PCs are now 6th.  That's faster than 1e for sure, but not too much so.  I'll be curious to see how quickly we advance to 10th level....

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