I wanna Woodie !
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Post Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2006 12:36 am 

Who needs a Woodie?

Here's an opportunity to list your wants on the separate printings to receive help from our fellow members.

I know some may want to keep what they're looking for close to their chests, but if others notice one going and don't want it shown around for lurkers (ie not to be put on the interesting items list) and we have a list of who needs one, it could help out the actual contributors to the threads through PMs.

I realize that this would likely already be happening (and not just for woodies), and some may disagree with the idea given that's what the classifieds/interesting items threads are for.

It'd just be for the woodies at this stage. This list can be kept updated by those looking, without a lot individual lists being buried in the classifieds over time.

I've completed my set so just an idea to see if it's helpful for those who haven't.

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