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Post Posted: Sun Sep 21, 2003 9:06 am 

I have started here in Italy a pdf magazine devoted to Original D&D, AD&D and collectible (not in the CCG sense!) games of all kinds. The magazine, in Italian at the moment, has been called DM Magazine and it may be requested for free writing to me.

I'd love to publish some articles from well known collectors about the D&D, AD&D and vintage games. I am convinced that having many writers gives the magazine more interest and more points of view and, albeit the magazine is Italian, international contributions will avoid stupid provincialism.

I wonder: would anybody from the Acaeum community be interested in writing some essays for DM Magazine? English is fine, I'd do the translation. Every subject is appreciated: essays on specific D&D and AD&D items, with an eye of regard for the rarest ones... Overviews of entire lines of modules or setings (for example, Greyhawk)... A complete review of Metagaming MicroGames... Opinions... Rules variants... Just send me an article or a proposal!

Thanks for reading!

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