When to leave negative feedback on ebay - advice needed
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Post Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2006 7:49 am 

I got ripped off on ebay, attempted to resolve it - in more than one fashion and dealing with two levels of people at the company - including the owner.  I've been handed one line after the next and have yet to see any return or funds, etc.  Anyway I'm planning on leaving a negative - but these people have a rep of leaving them in response to one - and even though I paid rightway I figure when I leave one - I'll get one too.  So - I'm waiting out the 90 days.  Here is my question - is it 90 days from the close of the auction, payment, or what?  Is it down to the second, minute or just by a certain time like midnight on that particular day.  My plan is to wait until the last possible second and post it.  Anyone know how it works?


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Post Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2006 8:24 am 

First off, you need to notify ebay.

They will send some sort of form answer "did you kiss the offender's ass enough, yet?"

Send ebay info on how you paid and appropriate info (paypal #).

They will probably send you another automated response.

In the meantime, email seller that you have started an ebay complaint and you will be leaving negative feedback if not resolved. If you get lucky, the moron will threaten retalitory feedback - forward the message to ebay.

Neg the guy.

If he retaliates, you can go back to ebay, indicate you followed their guidelines and seller left retalitory negative - which is against ebay rules. There is an electronic form you can submit to ebay on their site (buried under feedback section). They will remove the neg against you - it just takes forever.

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Post Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2006 9:35 pm 

And don't sweat one neg - wear it with pride. Eventually even the most decent ebayers get one from a moron buyer/seller.
Most people can read between the lines when they read feedback comments - and you can also post your own response - make it clear, concise and honest and you can't go wrong.
On my neg I put some comment like - 'contact me for the full story' and 3 people actually did! - Honesty and decency shine through and, surprising as it may seem 99.9% of people on ebay are NOT morons!!


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Post Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2006 12:05 am 

I would reserve the neg until the very last resort, once you leave neg thats it, you leave no more room for resolution or diplomacy. I am personally involved in a paypal negotiation with a seller that has taken almost 2 months to send all the items I have paid for. It looks like it might finally be resloved as they have finally shipped the missing items according to online tracking. I have yet to check my mail and inspect items. My point is there are several actions to pursue it all depends on if your more concerned with actually getting your items or leaving neg feedback, be patient and exaust all legal and diplomatic avenues first, afterall you have 90 days. I know there is more I would like to comment on this, Im just not feeling very articulate right now. So Who ripped you off? Care to share so others may be warned


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Post Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2006 9:00 am 

Eldereye, see this thread:

Netrodent wrote:Appearently Ebay recently changed their feedback policy.  The deadline is no longer 90 days after the auction, but 90 days after the auction or 90(?) days after the other person left feedback.

bclarkie wrote:Trust me, its not in their help pages anymore, but I guarentee that if you leave a neg at 89 days and the person you left a neg for sees it in a reasonable amount of time they can retaliate.  All you need to know is the item number and Ebays system is archived up to 6 months... The 90 days is no longer the end all be all to feedback.

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