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Post Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2006 5:42 pm 

Re Obiters post..

I had that very same RE teacher..   less said there the better..

As for having any other pressure at the time, there was one guy who I gamed with who tore out the pages from his Monster Manuels including any demons, devils etc..  oddly he didn't do the same with the Angelic type beings, which frequently appeared in his campaigns.  same goes for Undead.

He was a big Paladin fan, but seems to me he limited his potential for righteous smiting, as well as enjoyment of the ( and I do stress this) GAME .

Anyway thats about it regarding opposition to gaming, its amazing how a little explanation and reasoning can overcome the knee jerk horror of hte notion of roleplaying.  After all it is just acting the hard way ( no scripts) ..

Cheerio for now...


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As for reading try Mazes & Monsters by Rona Jaffe. It was based loosly on an incident at an american uni... Now the real incident had a `factual` book called the `Dungeonmaster` penned about it and told the tale of a guy who committed suicide think his name was Dallas Egbert or Egburt or something. I had the book upto about 7 or 8 years ago - twas lent out and not returned  

just ordered bith of these from abebooks (less than £7 the pair) - looking forward to reading them (or at least tagging them on to a long list)

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