Anyone in Houston? (eBay local pick-up only)
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Post Posted: Sun Sep 17, 2006 1:05 pm 

Beyondthebreach wrote:Wow!  This stuff arrived today!  Two days shipping.  They ended up sending it by DHL which was a good thing as it was four large boxes.  (Everything looks pretty good!)  

F*CK!  What do I do with all these Dragon Mags?  

Well, my daughter is watching Winnie-the-Pooh and I've got 4 boxes worth of stuff spread all over the floor.  All my bookshelves are already overfull, so I've got about 25 minutes to get all this stuff to an inconspicous location before my wife gets home from work!  (I mean, she puts up with me selling all these years . . . but she won't be pleased to see 4 more huge boxes on top of everything.)

Gotta go!

Congrats on such a HUGE win and a great deal!  How much did you end up paying for DHL to ship (as opposed to the $100.00 USPS Media Mail charge), and was the entire four boxes worth it?  Also, was there anything you did not have in the boxes (interms of modules, box sets, trules, etc.)?

Seems to me if there is some unopened items, that alone would be worth the money spent. :!:  :!:

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