Monster Manual II
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Post Posted: Wed Aug 09, 2006 4:52 pm 

Lots of oozes? I love oozes ... :)

Actually, I should be clear about my above post, too: I'm not saying one way is better than the other. I'm just pointing out that a lot of humanoids seem to come out of the UK. And many of them are quite good, too (githzerai, etc.).


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Post Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2006 6:04 pm 

KoP, interesting that the Modrons and Tarrasque were from Francois. That was a memorable weekend when he and I went over to Gary's and cranked out most of MM2 (see the credits in the front). Gary loathed what the Modrons represented, viewing them as the ultimate horror (mindlessly lawful), but thought they were fine as AD&D critters.

Gary did the dragons and Froghemoth and most of the rest. I don't recall exactly which ones I contributed, tho; it was a long time ago.

No MM2 was ever shrink'd by TSR.

Yes The Tarrasque is Unique... which in 3.5 means #Ap 1-10. :/


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Post Posted: Sun Aug 27, 2006 8:42 pm 

I liked the Githyanki.  Yeah some of the monsters inside were really bad, but some of the artwork was really cool.  Some.

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