Objects in The Rearview Mirror (OT)
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Post Posted: Sat Jul 01, 2006 1:55 pm 

Xaxaxe wrote:You know, not to drag this too far off-topic, but Adkinson is a pretty decent guy. He's sort of the default "guy behind the TSR purchase" for many old-schoolers, which makes him like a Type IV devil or something, but I've talked to him at length at two GenCons and he was the height of civility and courtesy.

*nods*  I was with a WOTC employee/contractor from the pre-Magic days, and Peter greeted him warmly before my friend could greet him.  This was at the height of Magic, so Peter could have ignored him or blown him off.
MShipley88 wrote:It is possible to see WOTC's purchase of TSR as extending the life of that company.

And what gamer would pass up the chance to buy TSR?
Xaxaxe wrote:Oh, and Richard Garfield is the other name. Or were you not mentioning him on purpose? :)

Nope, I just couldn't remember his name.  I traded nearly all of my Magic cards for RPGs a long time ago, and my Magic-fu is weak.  :)


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Post Posted: Sat Jul 01, 2006 2:02 pm 

zhowar wrote:I had a nerdy letter printed in Dragon Magazine. Can anybody guess which issue? It's over #100 and under #200. Those who I've mailed stuff to will have an advantage, so the winner just gets a "Zhowar's No-Prize".

Forgot about a letter in Dragon magazine.  Somewhere around issue #100.  I wrote in response to an article about how a half-elven female cavalier could out-joust and out-duel a half-orc fighter.  

I wrote an open letter to the half-orc, explaining how easily he could have slaughtered her if he would only read Unearthed Arcana and use even minor tactics...and dissing on the concept that female jousters should have a bonus because of "a lower center of gravity."  (Hint:  A jouster stands in the stirrups...he does not sit like he was on a bar stool...and drives his strength and weight through the lance tip.  A female half-elven jouster, at about 100 lbs max, would stand little chance. But, hey, it's fantasy.)

There was a mini-flap, which the editor ended by writing that, in his opinion, the half-orc and the half-elf were now in love, engaged to marry and not interested in fighting anymore.   :lol:

Mark   8)

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Post Posted: Sat Jul 01, 2006 4:07 pm 

imho, Peter is a gamer and good guy. I say that about VERY few game company execs.

We get along well. ;>

But he IS cautious; a lot of folks want his time and/or his money.

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