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Post Posted: Wed Aug 20, 2003 12:09 pm 

Just wondered what everybody (especially resellers) does with incomplete items?

So far from ebay i've accumulated an I10 (no maps), GAZ7 (no players book), I12 (no map book), t1-4 (no map book) plus lots more.

What do people do?. Contact the seller? ask for refund? partial refund?


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Post Posted: Wed Aug 20, 2003 12:23 pm 

If selling, I indicate what is missing, as do most reputable and knowledgeable sellers.  Believe it or not some people are looking for only certain portions of an item only or don't care about the portions that are missing.  If purchased, and missing items that were not indicated in the discription, I would expect to be able to return the item for a full refund of all costs, a full refund without returning the item (if the item wasn't expensive), or a significant reduction in price, if I was willing to live without the items that were missing.


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Post Posted: Wed Aug 20, 2003 6:53 pm 

I do several things with them,

First when I recieve them, I inspect them and check to see if they are missing things. If so I then decide on a grade condition of the item. If the item is in Exellent or better but missing an item that was not removed from staples like a Map booklet for T1-4/ I will set the item aside and purposly look to find Just a map booklet for the item.

If it is in Very Good Condition or worse I place the item in my Junk Lot pile. OOPS  yup thats right I get enough items in it of incomplete Damaged and other issue items and I list it and describe the items in the lot. I let people know of stains missing items, Rips, tears, highliting, writing, and such.

I also throw anything I list twice that does not sell into this lot, so I often have items in Near mint condition on down to Poor condition in the lot.

If I sell something and I missed that it was nto complete and did not describe it, I offer a 100% money back including shipping, and I pay for the item to be shipped back. Or I offer to refund a portion of the money, or last I have actually gone out and picked up another of the item and sent the portion that was missing free of charge to the buyer.

If I know it is missing when I list I state that it is missing. If a buyer purchases an item that in the discription states it is missing something then it is there's. No discussion no Nothing.

If a seller sells something that is incomplete, they need to fix the situation. Either refund full, Partial or replace item. It is the ONLY way I would ever do it.

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