The Dwarven Glory 1st Print Research
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Post Posted: Wed Apr 05, 2006 4:25 pm 

Paul and I were discussing the 1st print DG last night and discovered that there is more than one printing of the 8.5x11 version.  Here is a cover scan of my copy:


and the Room Key:


Now it gets interesting.  Here's a scan of the title page:


This title page is different from Paul's.  His (he'll post a scan later) has four bullets (not three) and TSR on the bottom.  The full contents of my DG are:

cover page with front image
title page w/three bullets, dated 1977 on rear
creature/character roll sheet
blank hex sheet
four double-sided map pages
5.5x8.5 Room Key with 17 pages, dated 1976

Paul's DG has extra pages consisting of a combat chart and room keys.  We're speculating at this point that one is a first print and one is a second.  Please submit a page by page description of your 1st DG.  Thanks.

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Post Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2006 8:45 am 

While I don't have a 1st print myself, I think you are right, given comparison points across other WW items that are consistent with this theory.  We may find that with a few of the WW items, we need a distinct TSR/non-TSR delineation, as it appears the TSR distributed copies are more abundant.  

Looking forward to Paul's pictures!

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