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Post Posted: Mon Mar 06, 2006 12:25 pm 

Just wanted to rustle up a little discussion about these.  (I'm talking about the long-term BIN-only items, maybe I'm using the wrong term.)

I hate them.
People put in items with absurd prices and let them sit forever.
On some searches, tons come up, and the prices are so crazy, I don't even bother looking.
I know, no one's forcing you to look or buy, and for single item targeted searches, you can use a price limit to filter.

But still, for less targeted searches a price limit doesn't work well.  And if someone were to ever put an item in with a reasonable price, I'd never find it.  And I suspect some sellers put a 'stupid price' item in the store, then put one out for auction to make it seem like a great deal ("Hey I can win this one for only $40, where the store is charging $80 for it!  What a deal!").  And it's just plain aggravating to have someone saying, "Sure, I've got one, and you can have it...for only $90!"

What are the eBay terms for these items, anyway?  Aren't there any meaningful charges or time limits for these time and space wasters?

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