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Post Posted: Mon Mar 06, 2006 12:28 pm 

deimos3428 wrote:
red_dawn wrote:Theater is still wildly popular! People act on stage, with a minimum of stage effects. And people still go to these productions.


Simple.  In 2006, at least, the human brain is still the most efficient computer on the planet, and it will be for many generations to come.  Provided you use it as directed:

Theater is popular because human actors can provoke the mind, not just flood the senses with information.  The more we let our brains "fill in the gaps", the more immersed we are in a given performance.  Literally immersed -- you become the play, and the play becomes you.  Your brain is doing what it was designed to do -- create a universe from limited sensory information.  

However, the more we rely on high-bandwidth special effects, the more our brains become relegated to basic A/V decoding devices.  This is not really their forte, but they are capable enough machines to provide a passable result.  (Fortunately, no "Blue Screen of Death"!)

That's also why crappy low-resolution games like "Pac-man" were addictive, and why table-top RPGs are superior to video games -- they are immersive.

Nicely put.

Then I can still hope to teach RPGs to my grandkids. :)


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Post Posted: Mon Mar 06, 2006 12:39 pm 

Reminds me of "Amused to Death" by Roger Waters.  He talks about television, but the same can be said about video games.  And people in America wonder why so many jobs are lost to outsourcing.

"I can shew you houses that have stood two centuries and a half and more; houses that have witnessed what would make a modern house crumble into powder.  What do moderns know of life and the forces behind it?" --Richard Upton Pickman

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