Bought from Titan/Tonya/Sardul?
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Poll: Have you bought from

Titan-Games 46%       46%  [ 12 ]
Tonya 19%       19%  [ 5 ]
Old Sardul 4%       4%  [ 1 ]
Titan-Games and Tonya 19%       19%  [ 5 ]
Titan-Games and Old Sardul 0%       0%  [ 0 ]
Tonya and Old Sardul 0%       0%  [ 0 ]
All Three 12%       12%  [ 3 ]
Total votes : 26


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Post Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2006 8:52 am 

I have to admit that this was as polite and correct as one could ever hope it to be. It is possible that Mr. King rips people off in business (I don't really know, I've never bought from him yet) and has a thousand more defects, but at least he had the courage to come here and state his position, and after the flames that have been ensued on him he did it better than most of us could expect.

Now it would be very nice if miss Tonya came and faced the accusations, too, plus it would really be appreciated if the Melissa story and the cancer thing, which seems to be offending several people (and for uncontestable reasons, I'd say), were put down from that About Me page.


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Post Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2006 9:10 am 

Yup, I admire balls, and he has cannons. And to think I was going to nickname him Porkus King.
Actually, I still will. Everyone deserves a good nickname.
I am pretty sure that what inflamed Xax was the cancer reference. Most of us here either have lost someone to the epidemic, or have it ourselves, so to make a mockery of it is not a good idea.
I'm not sure personally if the shipping is out of line. I guess I will find out, I think I just won some figurines from TightEnd. But the name doesn't raise any red flags, so if I did have dealings in the past they couldn't have been all that bad.
However, to make money on shipping in order to offset low eBay prices is a bit absurd. Raise the starting price, and it solves the issue. No one likes to pay too much for S&H, it's considered wasted money. Hence why I only charge exact shipping. To me, handling is the price you pay for not selling your stuff through a brick-and-mortar operation. It is NOT the way to recover "eBay fees".

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